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Pdf Export Search Spot the Odd Man Out: Exploring the Associative Power of Lexical Resources
[D18-1182]: Gabriel Stanovsky | Mark Hopkins

Pdf Export Search Presentation Extending a Parser to Distant Domains Using a Few Dozen Partially Annotated Examples
[P18-1110]: Vidur Joshi | Matthew Peters | Mark Hopkins


Pdf Export Search Beyond Sentential Semantic Parsing: Tackling the Math SAT with a Cascade of Tree Transducers
[D17-1083]: Mark Hopkins | Cristian Petrescu-Prahova | Roie Levin | Ronan Le Bras | Alvaro Herrasti | Vidur Joshi

Pdf Export Search Interactive Visualization for Linguistic Structure
[D17-2009]: Aaron Sarnat | Vidur Joshi | Cristian Petrescu-Prahova | Alvaro Herrasti | Brandon Stilson | Mark Hopkins


Pdf Export Search Source-side Preordering for Translation using Logistic Regression and Depth-first Branch-and-Bound Search
[E14-1026]: Laura Jehl | AdriĆ  de Gispert | Mark Hopkins | Bill Byrne


Pdf Export Search Models of Translation Competitions
[P13-1139]: Mark Hopkins | Jonathan May


Pdf Export Search Tuning as Ranking
[D11-1125]: Mark Hopkins | Jonathan May

Pdf Export Search Extraction Programs: A Unified Approach to Translation Rule Extraction
[W11-2166]: Mark Hopkins | Greg Langmead | Tai Vo


Pdf Export Search SCFG Decoding Without Binarization
[D10-1063]: Mark Hopkins | Greg Langmead


Pdf Export Search Cube Pruning as Heuristic Search
[D09-1007]: Mark Hopkins | Greg Langmead


Pdf Export Search Machine Translation as Tree Labeling
[W07-0406]: Mark Hopkins | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Deep Grammars in a Tree Labeling Approach to Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation
[W07-1205]: Mark Hopkins | Jonas Kuhn


Pdf Export Search A Framework for Incorporating Alignment Information in Parsing
[W06-2002]: Mark Hopkins | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Exploring the Potential of Intractable Parsers
[P06-2048]: Mark Hopkins | Jonas Kuhn


Pdf Export Search What's in a translation rule?
[N04-1035]: Michel Galley | Mark Hopkins | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu