Pdf Export Search Integrating Question Classification and Deep Learning for improved Answer Selection
[C18-1278]: Harish Tayyar Madabushi | Mark Lee | John Barnden


Pdf Export Search High Accuracy Rule-based Question Classification using Question Syntax and Semantics
[C16-1116]: Harish Tayyar Madabushi | Mark Lee

Pdf Export Search UoB-UK at SemEval-2016 Task 1: A Flexible and Extendable System for Semantic Text Similarity using Types, Surprise and Phrase Linking
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Pdf Export Search Sentiment Classification via a Response Recalibration Framework
[W15-2925]: Phillip Smith | Mark Lee


Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Approach to Features Representation for Fine-grained Arabic Named Entity Recognition
[C14-1093]: Fahd Alotaibi | Mark Lee


Pdf Export Search Automatically Developing a Fine-grained Arabic Named Entity Corpus and Gazetteer by utilizing Wikipedia
[I13-1045]: Fahd Alotaibi | Mark Lee


Pdf Export Search Mapping Arabic Wikipedia into the Named Entities Taxonomy
[C12-2005]: Fahd Alotaibi | Mark Lee

Pdf Export Search Building Text-to-Speech Systems for Resource Poor Languages
[L12-1638]: Nur-Hana Samsudin | Mark Lee

Pdf Export Search Cross-discourse Development of Supervised Sentiment Analysis in the Clinical Domain
[W12-3712]: Phillip Smith | Mark Lee

Pdf Export Search A CCG-based Approach to Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis
[W12-5302]: Phillip Smith | Mark Lee


Pdf Export Search Textual Entailment as an Evaluation Framework for Metaphor Resolution: A Proposal
[W08-2228]: Rodrigo Agerri | John Barnden | Mark Lee | Alan Wallington


Pdf Export Search Don’t worry about metaphor: affect detection for conversational agents
[P07-2010]: Catherine Smith | Timothy Rumbell | John Barnden | Robert Hendley | Mark Lee | Alan Wallington | Li Zhang

Pdf Export Search On the formalization of Invariant Mappings for Metaphor Interpretation
[P07-2028]: Rodrigo Agerri | John Barnden | Mark Lee | Alan Wallington


Pdf Export Search Reasoning in Metaphor Understanding: The ATT-Meta Approach and System
[C02-2021]: John Barnden | Sheila Glasbey | Mark Lee | Alan Wallington


Pdf Export Search An ascription-based approach to Speech Acts
[C96-2118]: Mark Lee | Yorick Wiiks