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Pdf Export Search Sense Anaphoric Pronouns: Am I One?
[W16-0701]: Marta Recasens | Zhichao Hu | Olivia Rhinehart


Pdf Export Search Resolving Discourse-Deictic Pronouns: A Two-Stage Approach to Do It
[S15-1035]: Sujay Kumar Jauhar | Raul Guerra | Edgar Gonzàlez Pellicer | Marta Recasens


Pdf Export Search An Extension of BLANC to System Mentions
[P14-2005]: Xiaoqiang Luo | Sameer Pradhan | Marta Recasens | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search Scoring Coreference Partitions of Predicted Mentions: A Reference Implementation
[P14-2006]: Sameer Pradhan | Xiaoqiang Luo | Marta Recasens | Eduard Hovy | Vincent Ng | Michael Strube


Pdf Export Search The Life and Death of Discourse Entities: Identifying Singleton Mentions
[N13-1071]: Marta Recasens | Marie-Catherine de Marneffe | Christopher Potts

Pdf Export Search Same Referent, Different Words: Unsupervised Mining of Opaque Coreferent Mentions
[N13-1110]: Marta Recasens | Matthew Can | Daniel Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Models for Analyzing and Detecting Biased Language
[P13-1162]: Marta Recasens | Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil | Dan Jurafsky


Pdf Export Search Annotating Near-Identity from Coreference Disagreements
[L12-1391]: Marta Recasens | M. Antònia Martí | Constantin Orasan

Pdf Export Search Joint Entity and Event Coreference Resolution across Documents
[D12-1045]: Heeyoung Lee | Marta Recasens | Angel Chang | Mihai Surdeanu | Dan Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop at the 13th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
[E12-3000]: Pierre Lison | Mattias Nilsson | Marta Recasens


Pdf Export Search Squibs: On Paraphrase and Coreference
[J10-4004]: Marta Recasens | Marta Vila

Pdf Export Search A Typology of Near-Identity Relations for Coreference (NIDENT)
[L10-1103]: Marta Recasens | Eduard Hovy | M. Antònia Martí

Pdf Export Search Coreference Resolution across Corpora: Languages, Coding Schemes, and Preprocessing Information
[P10-1144]: Marta Recasens | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2010 Task 1: Coreference Resolution in Multiple Languages
[S10-1001]: Marta Recasens | Lluís Màrquez | Emili Sapena | M. Antònia Martí | Mariona Taulé | Véronique Hoste | Massimo Poesio | Yannick Versley


Pdf Export Search SemEval-2010 Task 1: Coreference Resolution in Multiple Languages
[W09-2411]: Marta Recasens | Toni Martí | Mariona Taulé | Lluís Màrquez | Emili Sapena

Pdf Export Search A Chain-starting Classifier of Definite NPs in Spanish
[E09-3006]: Marta Recasens


Pdf Export Search AnCora: Multilevel Annotated Corpora for Catalan and Spanish
[L08-1222]: Mariona Taulé | M. Antònia Martí | Marta Recasens