Pdf Export Search Squib: Reproducibility in Computational Linguistics: Are We Willing to Share?
[J18-4003]: Martijn Wieling | Josine Rawee | Gertjan van Noord


Pdf Export Search The Power of Character N-grams in Native Language Identification
[W17-5043]: Artur Kulmizev | Bo Blankers | Johannes Bjerva | Malvina Nissim | Gertjan van Noord | Barbara Plank | Martijn Wieling

Pdf Export Search Last Words: Sharing Is Caring: The Future of Shared Tasks
[J17-4007]: Malvina Nissim | Lasha Abzianidze | Kilian Evang | Rob van der Goot | Hessel Haagsma | Barbara Plank | Martijn Wieling


Pdf Export Search Read my points: Effect of animation type when speech-reading from EMA data
[W16-2014]: Kristy James | Martijn Wieling


Pdf Export Search Assessing the Readability of Sentences: Which Corpora and Features?
[W14-1820]: Felice Dell’Orletta | Martijn Wieling | Giulia Venturi | Andrea Cimino | Simonetta Montemagni


Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Spectral Partitioning of Bipartite Graphs to Cluster Dialects and Identify Distinguishing Features
[W10-2305]: Martijn Wieling | John Nerbonne


Pdf Export Search Multiple Sequence Alignments in Linguistics
[W09-0303]: Jelena Prokić | Martijn Wieling | John Nerbonne

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Pairwise String Alignment of Pronunciations
[W09-0304]: Martijn Wieling | Jelena Prokić | John Nerbonne

Pdf Export Search Bipartite spectral graph partitioning to co-cluster varieties and sound correspondences in dialectology
[W09-3203]: Martijn Wieling | John Nerbonne


Pdf Export Search Inducing Sound Segment Differences Using Pair Hidden Markov Models
[W07-1307]: Martijn Wieling | Therese Leinonen | John Nerbonne