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Pdf Export Search Attachment Has Machine Translation Achieved Human Parity? A Case for Document-level Evaluation
[D18-1512]: Samuel Läubli | Rico Sennrich | Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search Multilingwis2 ėxtendash Explore Your Parallel Corpus
[W17-0231]: Johannes Graën | Dominique Sandoz | Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search Leveraging Compounds to Improve Noun Phrase Translation from Chinese and German
[P15-3002]: Xiao Pu | Laura Mascarell | Andrei Popescu-Belis | Mark Fishel | Ngoc-Quang Luong | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Detecting Document-level Context Triggers to Resolve Translation Ambiguity
[W15-2506]: Laura Mascarell | Mark Fishel | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Pre-reordering for Statistical Machine Translation of Non-fictional Subtitles
[W15-4926]: Magdalena Plamada | Gion Linder | Phillip Ströbel | Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search Machine Translation for Subtitling: A Large-Scale Evaluation
[L14-1392]: Thierry Etchegoyhen | Lindsay Bywood | Mark Fishel | Panayota Georgakopoulou | Jie Jiang | Gerard van Loenhout | Arantza del Pozo | Mirjam Sepesy Maucec | Anja Turner | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Innovations in Parallel Corpus Search Tools
[L14-1418]: Martin Volk | Johannes Graën | Elena Callegaro

Pdf Export Search Detecting Code-Switching in a Multilingual Alpine Heritage Corpus
[W14-3903]: Martin Volk | Simon Clematide


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Synergies Between Open Resources for German Dependency Parsing, POS-tagging, and Morphological Analysis
[R13-1079]: Rico Sennrich | Martin Volk | Gerold Schneider

Pdf Export Search Mining for Domain-specific Parallel Text from Wikipedia
[W13-2514]: Magdalena Plamada | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Building a German/Simple German Parallel Corpus for Automatic Text Simplification
[W13-2902]: David Klaper | Sarah Ebling | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Combining Statistical Machine Translation and Translation Memories with Domain Adaptation
[W13-5630]: Samuel Läubli | Mark Fishel | Martin Volk | Manuela Weibel


Pdf Export Search SUMAT: Data Collection and Parallel Corpus Compilation for Machine Translation of Subtitles
[L12-1027]: Volha Petukhova | Rodrigo Agerri | Mark Fishel | Sergio Penkale | Arantza del Pozo | Mirjam Sepesy Maucec | Andy Way | Panayota Georgakopoulou | Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search Reducing OCR Errors in Gothic-Script Documents
[W11-4115]: Lenz Furrer | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Iterative, MT-based Sentence Alignment of Parallel Texts
[W11-4624]: Rico Sennrich | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Disambiguation of English Contractions for Machine Translation of TV Subtitles
[W11-4633]: Martin Volk | Rico Sennrich


Pdf Export Search Challenges in Building a Multilingual Alpine Heritage Corpus
[L10-1069]: Martin Volk | Noah Bubenhofer | Adrian Althaus | Maya Bangerter | Lenz Furrer | Beni Ruef

Pdf Export Search Combining Parallel Treebanks and Geo-Tagging
[W10-1830]: Martin Volk | Anne Goehring | Torsten Marek


Pdf Export Search Using Linguistic Annotations in Statistical Machine Translation of Film Subtitles
[W09-4610]: Christian Hardmeier | Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search Human Judgements in Parallel Treebank Alignment
[W08-1208]: Martin Volk | Torsten Marek | Yvonne Samuelsson


Pdf Export Search A Search Tool for Parallel Treebanks
[W07-1514]: Martin Volk | Joakim Lundborg | Maël Mettler

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Fourth ACL-SIGSEM Workshop on Prepositions
[W07-1600]: Fintan Costello | John Kelleher | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Comparing French PP-attachment to English, German and Swedish
[W07-2427]: Martin Volk | Frida Tidström


Pdf Export Search How Bad is the Problem of PP-Attachment? A Comparison of English, German and Swedish
[W06-2112]: Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search XML-based Phrase Alignment in Parallel Treebanks
[W06-2717]: Martin Volk | Sofia Gustafson-Capková | Joakim Lundborg | Torsten Marek | Yvonne Samuelsson | Frida Tidström


Pdf Export Search Evaluation Resources for Concept-based Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval in the Medical Domain
[L04-1338]: Paul Buitelaar | Diana Steffen | Martin Volk | Dominic Widdows | Bogdan Sacaleanu | Špela Vintar | Stanley Peters | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping Parallel Treebanks
[W04-1911]: Martin Volk | Yvonne Samuelsson


Pdf Export Search A Cross Language Document Retrieval System Based on Semantic Annotation
[E03-2012]: Bogdan Sacaleanu | Paul Buitelaar | Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search Combining Unsupervised and Supervised Methods for PP Attachment Disambiguation
[C02-1004]: Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search Evaluating Translation Quality as Input to Product Development
[L00-1100]: Niamh Bohan | Elisabeth Breidt | Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search Probing the Lexicon in Evaluating Commercial MT Systems
[E97-1015]: Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Probing the Lexicon in Evaluating Commercial MT Systems
[P97-1015]: Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Experiences with the GTU grammar development environment
[W97-1515]: Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search The Role of Testing in Grammar Engineering
[A92-1046]: Martin Volk


Pdf Export Search The Logical Structure of English: Computing Semantic Content
[J91-3010]: Martin Volk