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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on NLG for Human–Robot Interaction
[W18-6900]: Mary Ellen Foster | Hendrik Buschmeier | Dimitra Gkatzia


Pdf Export Search Training and evaluation of an MDP model for social multi-user human-robot interaction
[W13-4036]: Simon Keizer | Mary Ellen Foster | Oliver Lemon | Andre Gaschler | Manuel Giuliani


Pdf Export Search Book Review: Spoken Dialogue Systems by Kristiina Jokinen and Michael McTear
[J10-4012]: Mary Ellen Foster

Pdf Export Search Situated Reference in a Hybrid Human-Robot Interaction System
[W10-4207]: Manuel Giuliani | Mary Ellen Foster | Amy Isard | Colin Matheson | Jon Oberlander | Alois Knoll


Pdf Export Search Comparing Objective and Subjective Measures of Usability in a Human-Robot Dialogue System
[P09-1099]: Mary Ellen Foster | Manuel Giuliani | Alois Knoll


Pdf Export Search Automated Metrics That Agree With Human Judgements On Generated Output for an Embodied Conversational Agent
[W08-1113]: Mary Ellen Foster


Pdf Export Search Assocating Facial Displays with Syntactic Constituents for Generation
[W07-1504]: Mary Ellen Foster

Pdf Export Search Comparing Rule-Based and Data-Driven Selection of Facial Displays
[W07-1901]: Mary Ellen Foster

Pdf Export Search Avoiding Repetition in Generated Text
[W07-2305]: Mary Ellen Foster | Michael White


Pdf Export Search Data-Driven Generation of Emphatic Facial Displays
[E06-1045]: Mary Ellen Foster | Jon Oberlander


Pdf Export Search Interleaved Preparation and Output in the COMIC Fission Module
[W05-1103]: Mary Ellen Foster


Pdf Export Search Techniques for Text Planning with XSLT
[W04-0601]: Mary Ellen Foster | Michael White