Pdf Export Search A Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Learning Topical Collocation Models
[P15-1141]: Zhendong Zhao | Lan Du | Benjamin Börschinger | John K Pate | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Mark Steedman | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Using Entity Information from a Knowledge Base to Improve Relation Extraction
[U15-1004]: Lan Du | Anish Kumar | Mark Johnson | Massimiliano Ciaramita


Pdf Export Search Piggyback: Using Search Engines for Robust Cross-Domain Named Entity Recognition
[P11-1097]: Stefan Rüd | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Jens Müller | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Learning to Rank Answers to Non-Factoid Questions from Web Collections
[J11-2003]: Mihai Surdeanu | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Hugo Zaragoza


Pdf Export Search Adaptive Parameters for Entity Recognition with Perceptron HMMs
[W10-2601]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Olivier Chapelle

Pdf Export Search Instance Sense Induction from Attribute Sets
[C10-2094]: Ricardo Martin-Brualla | Enrique Alfonseca | Marius Pasca | Keith Hall | Enrique Robledo-Arnuncio | Massimiliano Ciaramita

Pdf Export Search Learning Dense Models of Query Similarity from User Click Logs
[N10-1071]: Fabio De Bona | Stefan Riezler | Keith Hall | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Amaç Herdağdelen | Maria Holmqvist


Pdf Export Search The CoNLL-2009 Shared Task: Syntactic and Semantic Dependencies in Multiple Languages
[W09-1201]: Jan Hajič | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Richard Johansson | Daisuke Kawahara | Maria Antònia Martí | Lluís Màrquez | Adam Meyers | Joakim Nivre | Sebastian Padó | Jan Štěpánek | Pavel Straňák | Mihai Surdeanu | Nianwen Xue | Yi Zhang

Pdf Export Search Gazpacho and summer rash: lexical relationships from temporal patterns of web search queries
[D09-1109]: Enrique Alfonseca | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Keith Hall

Pdf Export Search Company-Oriented Extractive Summarization of Financial News
[E09-1029]: Katja Filippova | Mihai Surdeanu | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Hugo Zaragoza


Pdf Export Search DeSRL: A Linear-Time Semantic Role Labeling System
[W08-2138]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Giuseppe Attardi | Felice Dell’Orletta | Mihai Surdeanu

Pdf Export Search Learning to Rank Answers on Large Online QA Collections
[P08-1082]: Mihai Surdeanu | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Hugo Zaragoza

Pdf Export Search Semantically Annotated Snapshot of the English Wikipedia
[L08-1165]: Jordi Atserias | Hugo Zaragoza | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Giuseppe Attardi

Pdf Export Search Supersense Tagger for Italian
[L08-1606]: Davide Picca | Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo | Massimiliano Ciaramita


Pdf Export Search Tree Revision Learning for Dependency Parsing
[N07-1049]: Giuseppe Attardi | Massimiliano Ciaramita

Pdf Export Search Dependency Parsing with Second-Order Feature Maps and Annotated Semantic Information
[W07-2217]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Giuseppe Attardi

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Dependency Parsing and Domain Adaptation using DeSR
[D07-1119]: Giuseppe Attardi | Felice Dell’Orletta | Maria Simi | Atanas Chanev | Massimiliano Ciaramita

Pdf Export Search UNT-Yahoo: SuperSenseLearner: Combining SenseLearner with SuperSense and other Coarse Semantic Features
[S07-1090]: Rada Mihalcea | Andras Csomai | Massimiliano Ciaramita


Pdf Export Search A Figure of Merit for the Evaluation of Web-Corpus Randomness
[E06-1028]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Broad-Coverage Sense Disambiguation and Information Extraction with a Supersense Sequence Tagger
[W06-1670]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Yasemin Altun


Pdf Export Search Multi-component Word Sense Disambiguation
[W04-0824]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Mark Johnson


Pdf Export Search Supersense Tagging of Unknown Nouns in WordNet
[W03-1022]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Mark Johnson


Pdf Export Search Boosting automatic lexical acquisition with morphological information
[W02-0903]: Massimiliano Ciaramita


Pdf Export Search Explaining away ambiguity: Learning verb selectional preference with Bayesian networks
[C00-1028]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Mark Johnson