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Pdf Export Search ScoutBot: A Dialogue System for Collaborative Navigation
[P18-4016]: Stephanie M. Lukin | Felix Gervits | Cory Hayes | Pooja Moolchandani | Anton Leuski | John Rogers | Carlos Sanchez Amaro | Matthew Marge | Clare Voss | David Traum

Pdf Export Search Consequences and Factors of Stylistic Differences in Human-Robot Dialogue
[W18-5012]: Stephanie Lukin | Kimberly Pollard | Claire Bonial | Matthew Marge | Cassidy Henry | Ron Artstein | David Traum | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Structure Annotation for Multi-Floor Interaction
[L18-1017]: David Traum | Cassidy Henry | Stephanie Lukin | Ron Artstein | Felix Gervits | Kimberly Pollard | Claire Bonial | Su Lei | Clare Voss | Matthew Marge | Cory Hayes | Susan Hill


Pdf Export Search Poster Exploring Variation of Natural Human Commands to a Robot in a Collaborative Navigation Task
[W17-2808]: Matthew Marge | Claire Bonial | Ashley Foots | Cory Hayes | Cassidy Henry | Kimberly Pollard | Ron Artstein | Clare Voss | David Traum


Pdf Export Search Miscommunication Recovery in Physically Situated Dialogue
[W15-4604]: Matthew Marge | Alexander Rudnicky


Pdf Export Search Using the Amazon Mechanical Turk to Transcribe and Annotate Meeting Speech for Extractive Summarization
[W10-0716]: Matthew Marge | Satanjeev Banerjee | Alexander Rudnicky

Pdf Export Search Towards Improving the Naturalness of Social Conversations with Dialogue Systems
[W10-4318]: Matthew Marge | João Miranda | Alan Black | Alexander Rudnicky

Pdf Export Search Comparing Spoken Language Route Instructions for Robots across Environment Representations
[W10-4328]: Matthew Marge | Alexander Rudnicky


Pdf Export Search Creation of a New Domain and Evaluation of Comparison Generation in a Natural Language Generation System
[W08-1123]: Matthew Marge | Amy Isard | Johanna Moore