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Pdf Export Search “Fingers in the Nose”: Evaluating Speakers’ Identification of Multi-Word Expressions Using a Slightly Gamified Crowdsourcing Platform
[W18-4923]: Karën Fort | Bruno Guillaume | Matthieu Constant | Nicolas Lefèbvre | Yann-Alan Pilatte


Pdf Export Search The ATILF-LLF System for Parseme Shared Task: a Transition-based Verbal Multiword Expression Tagger
[W17-1717]: Hazem Al Saied | Matthieu Constant | Marie Candito

Pdf Export Search Benchmarking Joint Lexical and Syntactic Analysis on Multiword-Rich Data
[W17-1725]: Matthieu Constant | Héctor Martínez Alonso


Pdf Export Search Improvement of VerbNet-like resources by frame typing
[W16-3809]: Laurence Danlos | Matthieu Constant | Lucie Barque

Pdf Export Search A Transition-Based System for Joint Lexical and Syntactic Analysis
[P16-1016]: Matthieu Constant | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search Deep Lexical Segmentation and Syntactic Parsing in the Easy-First Dependency Framework
[N16-1127]: Matthieu Constant | Joseph Le Roux | Nadi Tomeh


Pdf Export Search Syntactic Parsing and Compound Recognition via Dual Decomposition: Application to French
[C14-1177]: Joseph Le Roux | Antoine Rozenknop | Matthieu Constant

Pdf Export Search Note Strategies for Contiguous Multiword Expression Analysis and Dependency Parsing
[P14-1070]: Marie Candito | Matthieu Constant


Pdf Export Search The LIGM-Alpage architecture for the SPMRL 2013 Shared Task: Multiword Expression Analysis and Dependency Parsing
[W13-4905]: Matthieu Constant | Marie Candito | Djamé Seddah


Pdf Export Search Discriminative Strategies to Integrate Multiword Expression Recognition and Parsing
[P12-1022]: Matthieu Constant | Anthony Sigogne | Patrick Watrin

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Impact of External Lexical Resources into a CRF-based Multiword Segmenter and Part-of-Speech Tagger
[L12-1350]: Matthieu Constant | Isabelle Tellier

Pdf Export Search Extending the adverbial coverage of a French morphological lexicon
[L12-1564]: Elsa Tolone | Stavroula Voyatzi | Claude Martineau | Matthieu Constant

Pdf Export Search La reconnaissance des mots composés à l’épreuve de l’analyse syntaxique et vice-versa : évaluation de deux stratégies discriminantes (Recognition of Compound Words Tested against Parsing and Vice-versa : Evaluation of Two Discriminative Approaches) [in French]
[F12-2005]: Matthieu Constant | Anthony Sigogne | Patrick Watrin

Pdf Export Search A new semantically annotated corpus with syntactic-semantic and cross-lingual senses
[L12-1234]: Myriam Rakho | Éric Laporte | Matthieu Constant


Pdf Export Search MWU-Aware Part-of-Speech Tagging with a CRF Model and Lexical Resources
[W11-0809]: Matthieu Constant | Anthony Sigogne

Pdf Export Search French parsing enhanced with a word clustering method based on a syntactic lexicon
[W11-3803]: Anthony Sigogne | Matthieu Constant | Eric Laporte

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing
[W11-4400]: Andreas Maletti | Matthieu Constant

Pdf Export Search Integration of Data from a Syntactic Lexicon into Generative and Discriminative Probabilistic Parsers
[R11-1050]: Anthony Sigogne | Matthieu Constant | Éric Laporte


Pdf Export Search Partial Parsing of Spontaneous Spoken French
[L10-1380]: Olivier Blanc | Matthieu Constant | Anne Dister | Patrick Watrin

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Impact of Some Linguistic Information on the Performances of a Similarity-based and Translation-oriented Word-Sense Disambiguation Method
[L10-1474]: Myriam Rakho | Matthieu Constant


Pdf Export Search Outilex, a Linguistic Platform for Text Processing
[P06-4019]: Olivier Blanc | Matthieu Constant


Pdf Export Search Methods for Constructing Lexicon-Grammar Resources: The Example of Measure Expressions.
[L02-1039]: Matthieu Constant