Pdf Export Search Book Review: Linked Lexical Knowledge Bases Foundations and Applications by Iryna Gurevych, Judith Eckle-er and Michael Matuschek
[J17-2007]: Maud Ehrmann


Pdf Export Search Media monitoring and information extraction for the highly inflected agglutinative language Hungarian
[L14-1381]: Júlia Pajzs | Ralf Steinberger | Maud Ehrmann | Mohamed Ebrahim | Leonida Della Rocca | Stefano Bucci | Eszter Simon | Tamás Váradi

Pdf Export Search Clustering of Multi-Word Named Entity variants: Multilingual Evaluation
[L14-1396]: Guillaume Jacquet | Maud Ehrmann | Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Representing Multilingual Data as Linked Data: the Case of BabelNet 2.0
[L14-1628]: Maud Ehrmann | Francesco Cecconi | Daniele Vannella | John Philip McCrae | Philipp Cimiano | Roberto Navigli


Pdf Export Search On Named Entity Recognition in Targeted Twitter Streams in Polish.
[W13-2413]: Jakub Piskorski | Maud Ehrmann

Pdf Export Search Acronym recognition and processing in 22 languages
[R13-1031]: Maud Ehrmann | Leo della Rocca | Ralf Steinberger | Hristo Tanev


Pdf Export Search Building a Multilingual Named Entity-Annotated Corpus Using Annotation Projection
[R11-1017]: Maud Ehrmann | Marco Turchi | Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Highly Multilingual Coreference Resolution Exploiting a Mature Entity Repository
[R11-1035]: Josef Steinberger | Jenya Belyaeva | Jonathan Crawley | Leonida Della-Rocca | Mohamed Ebrahim | Maud Ehrmann | Mijail Kabadjov | Ralf Steinberger | Erik Van-der-Goot


Pdf Export Search Towards a Methodology for Named Entities Annotation
[W09-3025]: Karën Fort | Maud Ehrmann | Adeline Nazarenko