Pdf Export Search Lexical Networks in !Xung
[W18-5802]: Syed-Amad Hussain | Micha Elsner | Amanda Miller


Pdf Export Search Click reduction in fluent speech: a semi-automated analysis of Mangetti Dune !Xung
[W17-0115]: Amanda Miller | Micha Elsner

Pdf Export Search Breaking NLP: Using Morphosyntax, Semantics, Pragmatics and World Knowledge to Fool Sentiment Analysis Systems
[W17-5405]: Taylor Mahler | Willy Cheung | Micha Elsner | David King | Marie-Catherine de Marneffe | Cory Shain | Symon Stevens-Guille | Michael White

Pdf Export Search Attachment Speech segmentation with a neural encoder model of working memory
[D17-1112]: Micha Elsner | Cory Shain


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 14th SIGMORPHON Workshop on Computational Research in Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology
[W16-2000]: Micha Elsner | Sandra Kuebler

Pdf Export Search Automatic discovery of Latin syntactic changes
[W16-2120]: Micha Elsner | Emily Lane

Pdf Export Search Challenges and Solutions for Latin Named Entity Recognition
[W16-4012]: Alexander Erdmann | Christopher Brown | Brian Joseph | Mark Janse | Petra Ajaka | Micha Elsner | Marie-Catherine de Marneffe

Pdf Export Search Note Joint Word Segmentation and Phonetic Category Induction
[P16-2010]: Micha Elsner | Stephanie Antetomaso | Naomi Feldman


Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping into Filler-Gap: An Acquisition Story
[P14-1102]: Marten van Schijndel | Micha Elsner

Pdf Export Search POS induction with distributional and morphological information using a distance-dependent Chinese restaurant process
[P14-2044]: Kairit Sirts | Jacob Eisenstein | Micha Elsner | Sharon Goldwater

Pdf Export Search Information Structure Prediction for Visual-world Referring Expressions
[E14-1055]: Micha Elsner | Hannah Rohde | Alasdair Clarke


Pdf Export Search A Joint Learning Model of Word Segmentation, Lexical Acquisition, and Phonetic Variability
[D13-1005]: Micha Elsner | Sharon Goldwater | Naomi Feldman | Frank Wood


Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping a Unified Model of Lexical and Phonetic Acquisition
[P12-1020]: Micha Elsner | Sharon Goldwater | Jacob Eisenstein

Pdf Export Search Character-based kernels for novelistic plot structure
[E12-1065]: Micha Elsner


Pdf Export Search Software Disentangling Chat with Local Coherence Models
[P11-1118]: Micha Elsner | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Software Extending the Entity Grid with Entity-Specific Features
[P11-2022]: Micha Elsner | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Learning to Fuse Disparate Sentences
[W11-1607]: Micha Elsner | Deepak Santhanam


Pdf Export Search Disentangling Chat
[J10-3004]: Micha Elsner | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search The Same-Head Heuristic for Coreference
[P10-2007]: Micha Elsner | Eugene Charniak


Pdf Export Search Structured Generative Models for Unsupervised Named-Entity Clustering
[N09-1019]: Micha Elsner | Eugene Charniak | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Bounding and Comparing Methods for Correlation Clustering Beyond ILP
[W09-1803]: Micha Elsner | Warren Schudy

Pdf Export Search EM Works for Pronoun Anaphora Resolution
[E09-1018]: Eugene Charniak | Micha Elsner


Pdf Export Search You Talking to Me? A Corpus and Algorithm for Conversation Disentanglement
[P08-1095]: Micha Elsner | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Coreference-inspired Coherence Modeling
[P08-2011]: Micha Elsner | Eugene Charniak


Pdf Export Search A Unified Local and Global Model for Discourse Coherence
[N07-1055]: Micha Elsner | Joseph Austerweil | Eugene Charniak


Pdf Export Search Multilevel Coarse-to-Fine PCFG Parsing
[N06-1022]: Eugene Charniak | Mark Johnson | Micha Elsner | Joseph Austerweil | David Ellis | Isaac Haxton | Catherine Hill | R. Shrivaths | Jeremy Moore | Michael Pozar | Theresa Vu


Pdf Export Search Online Statistics for a Unification-Based Dialogue Parser
[W05-1526]: Micha Elsner | Mary Swift | James Allen | Daniel Gildea