Pdf Export Search Literality and cognitive effort: Japanese and Spanish
[L18-1603]: Isabel Lacruz | Michael Carl | Masaru Yamada


Pdf Export Search Experiments in Non-Coherent Post-editing
[W17-7902]: Cristina Toledo Báez | Moritz Schaeffer | Michael Carl


Pdf Export Search Measuring Cognitive Translation Effort with Activity Units
[W16-3419]: Moritz Jonas Schaeffer | Michael Carl | Isabel Lacruz | Akiko Aizawa


Pdf Export Search CFT13: A resource for research into the post-editing process
[L14-1210]: Michael Carl | Mercedes Martínez García | Bartolomé Mesa-Lao

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the effects of interactivity in a post-editing workbench
[L14-1261]: Nancy Underwood | Bartolomé Mesa-Lao | Mercedes García Martínez | Michael Carl | Vicent Alabau | Jesús González-Rubio | Luis A. Leiva | Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Daniel Ortíz-Martínez | Francisco Casacuberta

Pdf Export Search CASMACAT: A Computer-assisted Translation Workbench
[E14-2007]: Vicent Alabau | Christian Buck | Michael Carl | Francisco Casacuberta | Mercedes García-Martínez | Ulrich Germann | Jesús González-Rubio | Robin Hill | Philipp Koehn | Luis Leiva | Bartolomé Mesa-Lao | Daniel Ortiz-Martínez | Herve Saint-Amand | Germán Sanchis Trilles | Chara Tsoukala

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the EACL 2014 Workshop on Humans and Computer-assisted Translation
[W14-0300]: Ulrich Germann | Michael Carl | Philipp Koehn | Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Francisco Casacuberta | Robin Hill | Sharon O’Brien

Pdf Export Search Measuring the Cognitive Effort of Literal Translation Processes
[W14-0306]: Moritz Schaeffer | Michael Carl


Pdf Export Search Automatically Predicting Sentence Translation Difficulty
[P13-2062]: Abhijit Mishra | Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Michael Carl


Pdf Export Search Translog-II: a Program for Recording User Activity Data for Empirical Reading and Writing Research
[L12-1352]: Michael Carl

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the First Workshop on Eye-tracking and Natural Language Processing
[W12-4900]: Michael Carl | Pushpak Bhattacharya | Kamal Kumar Choudhary

Pdf Export Search A heuristic-based approach for systematic error correction of gaze data for reading
[W12-4906]: Abhijit Mishra | Michael Carl | Pushpak Bhattacharyya


Pdf Export Search Using Log-linear Models for Tuning Machine Translation Output
[L08-1110]: Michael Carl

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of a Machine Translation System for Low Resource Languages: METIS-II
[L08-1566]: Vincent Vandeghinste | Peter Dirix | Ineke Schuurman | Stella Markantonatou | Sokratis Sofianopoulos | Marina Vassiliou | Olga Yannoutsou | Toni Badia | Maite Melero | Gemma Boleda | Michael Carl | Paul Schmidt


Pdf Export Search Using Weighted Abduction to Align Term Variant Translations in Bilingual Texts
[L04-1030]: Michael Carl | Ecaterina Rascu | Johann Haller

Pdf Export Search Controlling Gender Equality with Shallow NLP Techniques
[C04-1118]: Michael Carl | Sandrine Garnier | Johann Haller | Anne Altmayer | Bärbel Miemietz


Pdf Export Search Phrase-based Evaluation of Word-to-Word Alignments
[W03-0307]: Michael Carl | Sisay Fissaha


Pdf Export Search An Intelligent Terminology Database as a Pre-processor for Statistical Machine Translation
[W02-1402]: Michael Carl | Philippe Langlais


Pdf Export Search Inducing probabilistic invertible translation grammars from aligned texts
[W01-0718]: Michael Carl


Pdf Export Search A Model of Competence for Corpus-Based Machine Translation
[C00-2145]: Michael Carl


Pdf Export Search A Constructivist Approach to Machine Translation
[W98-1230]: Michael Carl

Pdf Export Search Shallow Post Morphological Processing with KURD
[W98-1231]: Michael Carl | Antje Schmidt-Wigger