Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised System for Visual Exploration of Twitter Conversations
[W16-0412]: Derrick Higgins | Michael Heilman | Adrianna Jelesnianska | Keith Ingersoll

Pdf Export Search Model Combination for Correcting Preposition Selection Errors
[W16-0515]: Nitin Madnani | Michael Heilman | Aoife Cahill


Pdf Export Search Effective Feature Integration for Automated Short Answer Scoring
[N15-1111]: Keisuke Sakaguchi | Michael Heilman | Nitin Madnani

Pdf Export Search Feature selection for automated speech scoring
[W15-0602]: Anastassia Loukina | Klaus Zechner | Lei Chen | Michael Heilman

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Training Data on Automated Short Answer Scoring Performance
[W15-0610]: Michael Heilman | Nitin Madnani

Pdf Export Search Reducing Annotation Efforts in Supervised Short Answer Scoring
[W15-0615]: Torsten Zesch | Michael Heilman | Aoife Cahill


Pdf Export Search Predicting Grammaticality on an Ordinal Scale
[P14-2029]: Michael Heilman | Aoife Cahill | Nitin Madnani | Melissa Lopez | Matthew Mulholland | Joel Tetreault

Pdf Export Search Applying Argumentation Schemes for Essay Scoring
[W14-2110]: Yi Song | Michael Heilman | Beata Beigman Klebanov | Paul Deane

Pdf Export Search Different Texts, Same Metaphors: Unigrams and Beyond
[W14-2302]: Beata Beigman Klebanov | Ben Leong | Michael Heilman | Michael Flor


Pdf Export Search HENRY-CORE: Domain Adaptation and Stacking for Text Similarity
[S13-1013]: Michael Heilman | Nitin Madnani

Pdf Export Search ETS: Domain Adaptation and Stacking for Short Answer Scoring
[S13-2046]: Michael Heilman | Nitin Madnani


Pdf Export Search Identifying High-Level Organizational Elements in Argumentative Discourse
[N12-1003]: Nitin Madnani | Michael Heilman | Joel Tetreault | Martin Chodorow

Pdf Export Search ETS: Discriminative Edit Models for Paraphrase Scoring
[S12-1076]: Michael Heilman | Nitin Madnani

Pdf Export Search Precision Isn't Everything: A Hybrid Approach to Grammatical Error Detection
[W12-2027]: Michael Heilman | Aoife Cahill | Joel Tetreault


Pdf Export Search Predicting a Scientific Community's Response to an Article
[D11-1055]: Dani Yogatama | Michael Heilman | Brendan O’Connor | Chris Dyer | Bryan R. Routledge | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging for Twitter: Annotation, Features, and Experiments
[P11-2008]: Kevin Gimpel | Nathan Schneider | Brendan O'Connor | Dipanjan Das | Daniel Mills | Jacob Eisenstein | Michael Heilman | Dani Yogatama | Jeffrey Flanigan | Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search Rating Computer-Generated Questions with Mechanical Turk
[W10-0705]: Michael Heilman | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Good Question! Statistical Ranking for Question Generation
[N10-1086]: Michael Heilman | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Tree Edit Models for Recognizing Textual Entailments, Paraphrases, and Answers to Questions
[N10-1145]: Michael Heilman | Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search An Analysis of Statistical Models and Features for Reading Difficulty Prediction
[W08-0909]: Michael Heilman | Kevyn Collins-Thompson | Maxine Eskenazi

Pdf Export Search Retrieval of Reading Materials for Vocabulary and Reading Practice
[W08-0910]: Michael Heilman | Le Zhao | Juan Pino | Maxine Eskenazi


Pdf Export Search Combining Lexical and Grammatical Features to Improve Readability Measures for First and Second Language Texts
[N07-1058]: Michael Heilman | Kevyn Collins-Thompson | Jamie Callan | Maxine Eskenazi