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Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Rich Metaphor Annotation
[W15-1407]: Jonathan Gordon | Jerry Hobbs | Jonathan May | Michael Mohler | Fabrizio Morbini | Bryan Rink | Marc Tomlinson | Suzanne Wertheim


Pdf Export Search A Novel Distributional Approach to Multilingual Conceptual Metaphor Recognition
[C14-1165]: Michael Mohler | Bryan Rink | David Bracewell | Marc Tomlinson

Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised methods for expanding psycholinguistics norms by integrating distributional similarity with the structure of WordNet
[L14-1031]: Michael Mohler | Marc Tomlinson | David Bracewell | Bryan Rink


Pdf Export Search CPN-CORE: A Text Semantic Similarity System Infused with Opinion Knowledge
[S13-1032]: Carmen Banea | Yoonjung Choi | Lingjia Deng | Samer Hassan | Michael Mohler | Bishan Yang | Claire Cardie | Rada Mihalcea | Jan Wiebe

Pdf Export Search Semantic Signatures for Example-Based Linguistic Metaphor Detection
[W13-0904]: Michael Mohler | David Bracewell | Marc Tomlinson | David Hinote


Pdf Export Search UNT: A Supervised Synergistic Approach to Semantic Text Similarity
[S12-1094]: Carmen Banea | Samer Hassan | Michael Mohler | Rada Mihalcea


Pdf Export Search Dataset Learning to Grade Short Answer Questions using Semantic Similarity Measures and Dependency Graph Alignments
[P11-1076]: Michael Mohler | Razvan Bunescu | Rada Mihalcea


Pdf Export Search Text-to-Text Semantic Similarity for Automatic Short Answer Grading
[E09-1065]: Michael Mohler | Rada Mihalcea


Pdf Export Search Babylon Parallel Text Builder: Gathering Parallel Texts for Low-Density Languages
[L08-1060]: Michael Mohler | Rada Mihalcea