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Pdf Export Search OpenSubtitles2018: Statistical Rescoring of Sentence Alignments in Large, Noisy Parallel Corpora
[L18-1275]: Pierre Lison | Jörg Tiedemann | Milen Kouylekov


Pdf Export Search Semantic Parsing for Textual Entailment
[W15-2205]: Elisabeth Lien | Milen Kouylekov


Pdf Export Search Semantic Technologies for Querying Linguistic Annotations: An Experiment Focusing on Graph-Structured Data
[L14-1117]: Milen Kouylekov | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search RDF Triple Stores and a Custom SPARQL Front-End for Indexing and Searching (Very) Large Semantic Networks
[C14-2020]: Milen Kouylekov | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search UIO-Lien: Entailment Recognition using Minimal Recursion Semantics
[S14-2125]: Elisabeth Lien | Milen Kouylekov


Pdf Export Search Celi: EDITS and Generic Text Pair Classification
[S13-2099]: Milen Kouylekov | Luca Dini | Alessio Bosca | Marco Trevisan


Pdf Export Search Linguagrid: a network of Linguistic and Semantic Services for the Italian Language.
[L12-1516]: Alessio Bosca | Luca Dini | Milen Kouylekov | Marco Trevisan

Pdf Export Search CELI: An Experiment with Cross Language Textual Entailment
[S12-1104]: Milen Kouylekov | Luca Dini | Alessio Bosca | Marco Trevisan


Pdf Export Search Is it Worth Submitting this Run? Assess your RTE System with a Good Sparring Partner
[W11-2404]: Milen Kouylekov | Yashar Mehdad | Matteo Negri


Pdf Export Search Mining Wikipedia for Large-scale Repositories of Context-Sensitive Entailment Rules
[L10-1291]: Milen Kouylekov | Yashar Mehdad | Matteo Negri

Pdf Export Search An Open-Source Package for Recognizing Textual Entailment
[P10-4008]: Milen Kouylekov | Matteo Negri

Pdf Export Search FBK_NK: A WordNet-Based System for Multi-Way Classification of Semantic Relations
[S10-1044]: Matteo Negri | Milen Kouylekov


Pdf Export Search Question Answering over Structured Data: an Entailment-Based Approach to Question Analysis
[R09-1056]: Matteo Negri | Milen Kouylekov


Pdf Export Search Entailment-based Question Answering for Structured Data
[C08-3008]: Bogdan Sacaleanu | Constantin Orasan | Christian Spurk | Shiyan Ou | Oscar Ferrandez | Milen Kouylekov | Matteo Negri

Pdf Export Search The QALL-ME Benchmark: a Multilingual Resource of Annotated Spoken Requests for Question Answering
[L08-1186]: Elena Cabrio | Milen Kouylekov | Bernardo Magnini | Matteo Negri | Laura Hasler | Constantin Orasan | David Tomas | Jose Luis Vicedo | Guenter Neumann | Corinna Weber


Pdf Export Search Investigating a Generic Paraphrase-Based Approach for Relation Extraction
[E06-1052]: Lorenza Romano | Milen Kouylekov | Idan Szpektor | Ido Dagan | Alberto Lavelli


Pdf Export Search Multilingual Pattern Libraries for Question Answering: a Case Study for Definition Questions
[L04-1291]: Hristo Tanev | Milen Kouylekov | Matteo Negri | Bonaventura Coppola | Bernardo Magnini


Pdf Export Search Development of Corpora within the CLaRK System: The BulTreeBank Project Experience
[E03-2015]: Kiril Simov | Alexander Simov | Milen Kouylekov | Krasimira Ivanova | Ilko Grigorov | Hristo Ganev


Pdf Export Search Building a Linguistically Interpreted Corpus of Bulgarian: the BulTreeBank
[L02-1070]: Kiril Simov | Petya Osenova | Milena Slavcheva | Sia Kolkovska | Elisaveta Balabanova | Dimitar Doikoff | Krassimira Ivanova | Alexander Simov | Milen Kouylekov

Pdf Export Search Cascaded Regular Grammars over XML Documents
[W02-1712]: Kiril Simov | Milen Kouylekov | Alexander Simov