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Pdf Export Search Presentation Learning to Ask Questions in Open-domain Conversational Systems with Typed Decoders
[P18-1204]: Yansen Wang | Chenyi Liu | Minlie Huang | Liqiang Nie

Pdf Export Search An Operation Network for Abstractive Sentence Compression
[C18-1091]: Naitong Yu | Jie Zhang | Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu

Pdf Export Search An Interpretable Reasoning Network for Multi-Relation Question Answering
[C18-1171]: Mantong Zhou | Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu

Pdf Export Search Poster Generating Informative Responses with Controlled Sentence Function
[P18-1139]: Pei Ke | Jian Guan | Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu


Pdf Export Search Note Linguistically Regularized LSTM for Sentiment Classification
[P17-1154]: Qiao Qian | Minlie Huang | Jinhao Lei | Xiaoyan Zhu


Pdf Export Search Attention-based LSTM for Aspect-level Sentiment Classification
[D16-1058]: Yequan Wang | Minlie Huang | xiaoyan zhu | Li Zhao

Pdf Export Search A Sentence Interaction Network for Modeling Dependence between Sentences
[P16-1053]: Biao Liu | Minlie Huang

Pdf Export Search TransG : A Generative Model for Knowledge Graph Embedding
[P16-1219]: Han Xiao | Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu

Pdf Export Search GAKE: Graph Aware Knowledge Embedding
[C16-1062]: Jun Feng | Minlie Huang | Yang Yang | xiaoyan zhu

Pdf Export Search Product Review Summarization by Exploiting Phrase Properties
[C16-1106]: Naitong Yu | Minlie Huang | Yuanyuan Shi | xiaoyan zhu

Pdf Export Search Context-aware Natural Language Generation for Spoken Dialogue Systems
[C16-1191]: Hao Zhou | Minlie Huang | xiaoyan zhu


Pdf Export Search Software Learning Tag Embeddings and Tag-specific Composition Functions in Recursive Neural Network
[P15-1132]: Qiao Qian | Bo Tian | Minlie Huang | Yang Liu | Xuan Zhu | Xiaoyan Zhu


Pdf Export Search New Word Detection for Sentiment Analysis
[P14-1050]: Minlie Huang | Borui Ye | Yichen Wang | Haiqiang Chen | Junjun Cheng | Xiaoyan Zhu

Pdf Export Search Clustering Aspect-related Phrases by Leveraging Sentiment Distribution Consistency
[D14-1169]: Li Zhao | Minlie Huang | Haiqiang Chen | Junjun Cheng | Xiaoyan Zhu


Pdf Export Search Fine Granular Aspect Analysis using Latent Structural Models
[P12-2065]: Lei Fang | Minlie Huang


Pdf Export Search Quality-biased Ranking of Short Texts in Microblogging Services
[I11-1042]: Minlie Huang | Yi Yang | Xiaoyan Zhu


Pdf Export Search Metadata-Aware Measures for Answer Summarization in Community Question Answering
[P10-1078]: Mattia Tomasoni | Minlie Huang

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Biomedical Named Entities Using Skip-Chain Conditional Random Fields
[W10-1902]: Jingchen Liu | Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu

Pdf Export Search Structure-Aware Review Mining and Summarization
[C10-1074]: Fangtao Li | Chao Han | Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu | Ying-Ju Xia | Shu Zhang | Hao Yu

Pdf Export Search Learning to Annotate Scientific Publications
[C10-2053]: Minlie Huang | Zhiyong Lu

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study on Ranking and Selection Strategies for Multi-Document Summarization
[C10-2060]: Feng Jin | Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu

Pdf Export Search Learning to Link Entities with Knowledge Base
[N10-1072]: Zhicheng Zheng | Fangtao Li | Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu


Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Generation of Gene Summary
[W09-1312]: Feng Jin | Minlie Huang | Zhiyong Lu | Xiaoyan Zhu

Pdf Export Search Answering Opinion Questions with Random Walks on Graphs
[P09-1083]: Fangtao Li | Yang Tang | Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu


Pdf Export Search Discovering Patterns to Extract Protein-Protein Interactions from Full Biomedical Texts
[W04-1204]: Minlie Huang | Xiaoyan Zhu | Donald G. Payan | Kunbin Qu | Ming Li