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Pdf Export Search Developing an Egyptian Arabic Treebank: Impact of Dialectal Morphology on Annotation and Tool Development
[L14-1100]: Mohamed Maamouri | Ann Bies | Seth Kulick | Michael Ciul | Nizar Habash | Ramy Eskander

Pdf Export Search Transliteration of Arabizi into Arabic Orthography: Developing a Parallel Annotated Arabizi-Arabic Script SMS/Chat Corpus
[W14-3612]: Ann Bies | Zhiyi Song | Mohamed Maamouri | Stephen Grimes | Haejoong Lee | Jonathan Wright | Stephanie Strassel | Nizar Habash | Ramy Eskander | Owen Rambow


Pdf Export Search Using Derivation Trees for Informative Treebank Inter-Annotator Agreement Evaluation
[N13-1061]: Seth Kulick | Ann Bies | Justin Mott | Mohamed Maamouri | Beatrice Santorini | Anthony Kroch

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Automatic Correction and Extension of Morphological Annotations
[W13-2301]: Ramy Eskander | Nizar Habash | Ann Bies | Seth Kulick | Mohamed Maamouri


Pdf Export Search Expanding Arabic Treebank to Speech: Results from Broadcast News
[L12-1315]: Mohamed Maamouri | Ann Bies | Seth Kulick

Pdf Export Search Parallel Aligned Treebanks at LDC: New Challenges Interfacing Existing Infrastructures
[L12-1117]: Xuansong Li | Stephanie Strassel | Stephen Grimes | Safa Ismael | Mohamed Maamouri | Ann Bies | Nianwen Xue

Pdf Export Search Developing LMF-XML Bilingual Dictionaries for Colloquial Arabic Dialects
[L12-1245]: David Graff | Mohamed Maamouri


Pdf Export Search From Speech to Trees: Applying Treebank Annotation to Arabic Broadcast News
[L10-1383]: Mohamed Maamouri | Ann Bies | Seth Kulick | Wajdi Zaghouani | Dave Graff | Mike Ciul

Pdf Export Search Consistent and Flexible Integration of Morphological Annotation in the Arabic Treebank
[L10-1390]: Seth Kulick | Ann Bies | Mohamed Maamouri

Pdf Export Search A New Approach to Lexical Disambiguation of Arabic Text
[D10-1071]: Rushin Shah | Paramveer S. Dhillon | Mark Liberman | Dean Foster | Mohamed Maamouri | Lyle Ungar


Pdf Export Search Diacritic Annotation in the Arabic Treebank and its Impact on Parser Evaluation
[L08-1361]: Mohamed Maamouri | Seth Kulick | Ann Bies

Pdf Export Search Enhancing the Arabic Treebank: a Collaborative Effort toward New Annotation Guidelines
[L08-1460]: Mohamed Maamouri | Ann Bies | Seth Kulick

Pdf Export Search A Pilot Arabic Propbank
[L08-1461]: Martha Palmer | Olga Babko-Malaya | Ann Bies | Mona Diab | Mohamed Maamouri | Aous Mansouri | Wajdi Zaghouani


Pdf Export Search Developing an Arabic Treebank: Methods, Guidelines, Procedures, and Tools
[W04-1602]: Mohamed Maamouri | Ann Bies