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Pdf Export Search BUSEM at SemEval-2017 Task 4A Sentiment Analysis with Word Embedding and Long Short Term Memory RNN Approaches
[S17-2131]: Deger Ayata | Murat Saraclar | Arzucan Ozgur


Pdf Export Search Software Bayesian Word Alignment for Statistical Machine Translation
[P11-2032]: Coskun Mermer | Murat Saraclar


Pdf Export Search Score Distribution Based Term Specific Thresholding for Spoken Term Detection
[N09-2068]: Dogan Can | Murat Saraclar


Pdf Export Search Analysis of Morph-Based Speech Recognition and the Modeling of Out-of-Vocabulary Words Across Languages
[N07-1048]: Mathias Creutz | Teemu Hirsimäki | Mikko Kurimo | Antti Puurula | Janne Pylkkönen | Vesa Siivola | Matti Varjokallio | Ebru Arisoy | Murat Saraclar | Andreas Stolcke


Pdf Export Search Unlimited vocabulary speech recognition for agglutinative languages
[N06-1062]: Mikko Kurimo | Antti Puurula | Ebru Arisoy | Vesa Siivola | Teemu Hirsimäki | Janne Pylkkönen | Tanel Alumäe | Murat Saraclar


Pdf Export Search Discriminative Syntactic Language Modeling for Speech Recognition
[P05-1063]: Michael Collins | Brian Roark | Murat Saraclar


Pdf Export Search Lattice-Based Search for Spoken Utterance Retrieval
[N04-1017]: Murat Saraclar | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Language Model Adaptation with MAP Estimation and the Perceptron Algorithm
[N04-4006]: Michiel Bacchiani | Brian Roark | Murat Saraclar

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Language Modeling with Conditional Random Fields and the Perceptron Algorithm
[P04-1007]: Brian Roark | Murat Saraclar | Michael Collins | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search A System for Searching and Browsing Spoken Communications
[W04-2901]: Lee Begeja | Bernard Renger | Murat Saraclar | David Gibbon | Zhu Liu | Behzad Shahraray

Pdf Export Search General Indexation of Weighted Automata - Application to Spoken Utterance Retrieval
[W04-2907]: Cyril Allauzen | Mehryar Mohri | Murat Saraclar