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Pdf Export Search Investigating the content and form of referring expressions in Mandarin: introducing the Mtuna corpus
[W17-3532]: Kees van Deemter | Le Sun | Rint Sybesma | Xiao Li | Chen Bo | Muyun Yang


Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network for Document Modeling
[D15-1106]: Rui Lin | Shujie Liu | Muyun Yang | Mu Li | Ming Zhou | Sheng Li


Pdf Export Search Learning Topic Representation for SMT with Neural Networks
[P14-1013]: Lei Cui | Dongdong Zhang | Shujie Liu | Qiming Chen | Mu Li | Ming Zhou | Muyun Yang


Pdf Export Search A Hierarchical Semantics-Aware Distributional Similarity Scheme
[I13-1068]: Shuqi Sun | Ke Sun | Shiqi Zhao | Haifeng Wang | Muyun Yang | Sheng Li

Pdf Export Search Repairing Incorrect Translation with Examples
[I13-1128]: Junguo Zhu | Muyun Yang | Sheng Li | Tiejun Zhao


Pdf Export Search Harvesting Related Entities with a Search Engine
[I11-1114]: Shuqi Sun | Shiqi Zhao | Muyun Yang | Haifeng Wang | Sheng Li


Pdf Export Search Reexamination on Potential for Personalization in Web Search
[C10-2080]: Daren Li | Muyun Yang | HaoLiang Qi | Sheng Li | Tiejun Zhao

Pdf Export Search Utilizing Variability of Time and Term Content, within and across Users in Session Detection
[C10-2138]: Shuqi Sun | Sheng Li | Muyun Yang | Haoliang Qi | Tiejun Zhao

Pdf Export Search All in Strings: a Powerful String-based Automatic MT Evaluation Metric with Multiple Granularities
[C10-2175]: Junguo Zhu | Muyun Yang | Bo Wang | Sheng Li | Tiejun Zhao


Pdf Export Search References Extension for the Automatic Evaluation of MT by Syntactic Hybridization
[W09-2305]: Bo Wang | Tiejun Zhao | Muyun Yang | Sheng Li

Pdf Export Search A Study of Translation Rule Classification for Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation
[W09-2306]: Hongfei Jiang | Sheng Li | Muyun Yang | Tiejun Zhao

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Machine Translation Model Based on a Synthetic Synchronous Grammar
[P09-2032]: Hongfei Jiang | Muyun Yang | Tiejun Zhao | Sheng Li | Bo Wang


Pdf Export Search Learning Chinese Bracketing Knowledge Based on a Bilingual Language Model
[C02-1003]: Yajuan Lü | Sheng Li | Tiejun Zhao | Muyun Yang