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Pdf Export Search Attention-Guided Answer Distillation for Machine Reading Comprehension
[D18-1232]: Minghao Hu | Yuxing Peng | Furu Wei | Zhen Huang | Dongsheng Li | Nan Yang | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search Poster Neural Document Summarization by Jointly Learning to Score and Select Sentences
[P18-1061]: Qingyu Zhou | Nan Yang | Furu Wei | Shaohan Huang | Ming Zhou | Tiejun Zhao


Pdf Export Search Gated Self-Matching Networks for Reading Comprehension and Question Answering
[P17-1018]: Wenhui Wang | Nan Yang | Furu Wei | Baobao Chang | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search Sequence-to-Dependency Neural Machine Translation
[P17-1065]: Shuangzhi Wu | Dongdong Zhang | Nan Yang | Mu Li | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search Selective Encoding for Abstractive Sentence Summarization
[P17-1101]: Qingyu Zhou | Nan Yang | Furu Wei | Ming Zhou


Pdf Export Search Improving Attention Modeling with Implicit Distortion and Fertility for Machine Translation
[C16-1290]: Shi Feng | Shujie Liu | Nan Yang | Mu Li | Ming Zhou | Kenny Q. Zhu


Pdf Export Search A Recursive Recurrent Neural Network for Statistical Machine Translation
[P14-1140]: Shujie Liu | Nan Yang | Mu Li | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search Learning Sentiment-Specific Word Embedding for Twitter Sentiment Classification
[P14-1146]: Duyu Tang | Furu Wei | Nan Yang | Ming Zhou | Ting Liu | Bing Qin


Pdf Export Search Word Alignment Modeling with Context Dependent Deep Neural Network
[P13-1017]: Nan Yang | Shujie Liu | Mu Li | Ming Zhou | Nenghai Yu

Pdf Export Search Punctuation Prediction with Transition-based Parsing
[P13-1074]: Dongdong Zhang | Shuangzhi Wu | Nan Yang | Mu Li

Pdf Export Search Easy-First POS Tagging and Dependency Parsing with Beam Search
[P13-2020]: Ji Ma | Jingbo Zhu | Tong Xiao | Nan Yang


Pdf Export Search A Ranking-based Approach to Word Reordering for Statistical Machine Translation
[P12-1096]: Nan Yang | Mu Li | Dongdong Zhang | Nenghai Yu