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Pdf Export Search Detecting Denial-of-Service Attacks from Social Media Text: Applying NLP to Computer Security
[N18-1147]: Nathanael Chambers | Ben Fry | James McMasters


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Linking Models of Lexical, Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics
[W17-0900]: Michael Roth | Nasrin Mostafazadeh | Nathanael Chambers | Annie Louis

Pdf Export Search Behind the Scenes of an Evolving Event Cloze Test
[W17-0905]: Nathanael Chambers

Pdf Export Search LSDSem 2017 Shared Task: The Story Cloze Test
[W17-0906]: Nasrin Mostafazadeh | Michael Roth | Annie Louis | Nathanael Chambers | James Allen

Pdf Export Search Aligning Entity Names with Online Aliases on Twitter
[W17-1104]: Kevin McKelvey | Peter Goutzounis | Stephen da Cruz | Nathanael Chambers

Pdf Export Search Event Ordering with a Generalized Model for Sieve Prediction Ranking
[I17-1085]: Bill McDowell | Nathanael Chambers | Alexander Ororbia II | David Reitter


Pdf Export Search CaTeRS: Causal and Temporal Relation Scheme for Semantic Annotation of Event Structures
[W16-1007]: Nasrin Mostafazadeh | Alyson Grealish | Nathanael Chambers | James Allen | Lucy Vanderwende

Pdf Export Search A Corpus and Cloze Evaluation for Deeper Understanding of Commonsense Stories
[N16-1098]: Nasrin Mostafazadeh | Nathanael Chambers | Xiaodong He | Devi Parikh | Dhruv Batra | Lucy Vanderwende | Pushmeet Kohli | James Allen


Pdf Export Search Identifying Political Sentiment between Nation States with Social Media
[D15-1007]: Nathanael Chambers | Victor Bowen | Ethan Genco | Xisen Tian | Eric Young | Ganesh Harihara | Eugene Yang

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2015 Task 5: QA TempEval - Evaluating Temporal Information Understanding with Question Answering
[S15-2134]: Hector Llorens | Nathanael Chambers | Naushad UzZaman | Nasrin Mostafazadeh | James Allen | James Pustejovsky


Pdf Export Search An Annotation Framework for Dense Event Ordering
[P14-2082]: Taylor Cassidy | Bill McDowell | Nathanael Chambers | Steven Bethard

Pdf Export Search Dense Event Ordering with a Multi-Pass Architecture
[Q14-1022]: Nathanael Chambers | Taylor Cassidy | Bill McDowell | Steven Bethard


Pdf Export Search Deterministic Coreference Resolution Based on Entity-Centric, Precision-Ranked Rules
[J13-4004]: Heeyoung Lee | Angel Chang | Yves Peirsman | Nathanael Chambers | Mihai Surdeanu | Dan Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Event Schema Induction with a Probabilistic Entity-Driven Model
[D13-1185]: Nathanael Chambers


Pdf Export Search Labeling Documents with Timestamps: Learning from their Time Expressions
[P12-1011]: Nathanael Chambers

Pdf Export Search Learning for Microblogs with Distant Supervision: Political Forecasting with Twitter
[E12-1062]: Micol Marchetti-Bowick | Nathanael Chambers


Pdf Export Search Template-Based Information Extraction without the Templates
[P11-1098]: Nathanael Chambers | Dan Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Using Query Patterns to Learn the Duration of Events
[W11-0116]: Andrey Gusev | Nathanael Chambers | Divye Raj Khilnani | Pranav Khaitan | Steven Bethard | Dan Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Stanford’s Multi-Pass Sieve Coreference Resolution System at the CoNLL-2011 Shared Task
[W11-1902]: Heeyoung Lee | Yves Peirsman | Angel Chang | Nathanael Chambers | Mihai Surdeanu | Dan Jurafsky


Pdf Export Search A Database of Narrative Schemas
[L10-1029]: Nathanael Chambers | Dan Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Improving the Use of Pseudo-Words for Evaluating Selectional Preferences
[P10-1046]: Nathanael Chambers | Daniel Jurafsky


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Narrative Schemas and their Participants
[P09-1068]: Nathanael Chambers | Dan Jurafsky


Pdf Export Search Jointly Combining Implicit Constraints Improves Temporal Ordering
[D08-1073]: Nathanael Chambers | Daniel Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Narrative Event Chains
[P08-1090]: Nathanael Chambers | Dan Jurafsky


Pdf Export Search Demonstration of PLOW: A Dialogue System for One-Shot Task Learning
[N07-4001]: James Allen | Nathanael Chambers | George Ferguson | Lucian Galescu | Hyuckchul Jung | Mary Swift | William Taysom

Pdf Export Search Learning Alignments and Leveraging Natural Logic
[W07-1427]: Nathanael Chambers | Daniel Cer | Trond Grenager | David Hall | Chloe Kiddon | Bill MacCartney | Marie-Catherine de Marneffe | Daniel Ramage | Eric Yeh | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Classifying Temporal Relations Between Events
[P07-2044]: Nathanael Chambers | Shan Wang | Dan Jurafsky


Pdf Export Search Real-Time Stochastic Language Generation for Dialogue Systems
[W05-1604]: Nathanael Chambers


Pdf Export Search Stochastic Language Generation in a Dialogue System: Toward a Domain Independent Generator
[W04-2302]: Nathanael Chambers | James Allen