Pdf Export Search Predicting Twitter User Demographics from Names Alone
[W18-1114]: Zach Wood-Doughty | Nicholas Andrews | Rebecca Marvin | Mark Dredze

Pdf Export Search Convolutions Are All You Need (For Classifying Character Sequences)
[W18-6127]: Zach Wood-Doughty | Nicholas Andrews | Mark Dredze


Pdf Export Search Note Bayesian Modeling of Lexical Resources for Low-Resource Settings
[P17-1095]: Nicholas Andrews | Mark Dredze | Benjamin Van Durme | Jason Eisner


Pdf Export Search Twitter at the Grammys: A Social Media Corpus for Entity Linking and Disambiguation
[W16-6204]: Mark Dredze | Nicholas Andrews | Jay DeYoung


Pdf Export Search A Concrete Chinese NLP Pipeline
[N15-3018]: Nanyun Peng | Francis Ferraro | Mo Yu | Nicholas Andrews | Jay DeYoung | Max Thomas | Matthew R. Gormley | Travis Wolfe | Craig Harman | Benjamin Van Durme | Mark Dredze


Pdf Export Search Note Robust Entity Clustering via Phylogenetic Inference
[P14-1073]: Nicholas Andrews | Jason Eisner | Mark Dredze


Pdf Export Search PARMA: A Predicate Argument Aligner
[P13-2012]: Travis Wolfe | Benjamin Van Durme | Mark Dredze | Nicholas Andrews | Charley Beller | Chris Callison-Burch | Jay DeYoung | Justin Snyder | Jonathan Weese | Tan Xu | Xuchen Yao


Pdf Export Search Entity Clustering Across Languages
[N12-1007]: Spence Green | Nicholas Andrews | Matthew R. Gormley | Mark Dredze | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Name Phylogeny: A Generative Model of String Variation
[D12-1032]: Nicholas Andrews | Jason Eisner | Mark Dredze


Pdf Export Search Seeded Discovery of Base Relations in Large Corpora
[D08-1062]: Nicholas Andrews | Naren Ramakrishnan