Pdf Export Search The Metalogue Debate Trainee Corpus: Data Collection and Annotations
[L18-1120]: Volha Petukhova | Andrei Malchanau | Youssef Oualil | Dietrich Klakow | Saturnino Luz | Fasih Haider | Nick Campbell | Dimitris Koryzis | Dimitris Spiliotopoulos | Pierre Albert | Nicklas Linz | Jan Alexandersson

Pdf Export Search Chats and Chunks: Annotation and Analysis of Multiparty Long Casual Conversations
[L18-1309]: Emer Gilmartin | Carl Vogel | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search Development of an Annotated Multimodal Dataset for the Investigation of Classification and Summarisation of Presentations using High-Level Paralinguistic Features
[L18-1340]: Keith Curtis | Nick Campbell | Gareth Jones

Pdf Export Search Speech Rate Calculations with Short Utterances: A Study from a Speech-to-Speech, Machine Translation Mediated Map Task
[L18-1502]: Akira Hayakawa | Carl Vogel | Saturnino Luz | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search The ADELE Corpus of Dyadic Social Text Conversations:Dialog Act Annotation with ISO 24617-2
[L18-1633]: Emer Gilmartin | Christian Saam | Brendan Spillane | Maria O'Reilly | Ketong Su | Arturo Calvo | Loredana Cerrato | Killian Levacher | Nick Campbell | Vincent Wade

Pdf Export Search Just Talking - Modelling Casual Conversation
[W18-5006]: Emer Gilmartin | Christian Saam | Carl Vogel | Nick Campbell | Vincent Wade


Pdf Export Search Doubly-Attentive Decoder for Multi-modal Neural Machine Translation
[P17-1175]: Iacer Calixto | Qun Liu | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search Annotation of greeting, introduction, and leavetaking in dialogues
[W17-7405]: Emer Gilmartin | Brendan Spillane | Maria O'Reilly | Christian Saam | Ketung Su | Benjamin R. Cowan | Killian Levacher | Arturo Calvo Devesa | Lodana Cerrato | Nick Campbell | Vincent Wade


Pdf Export Search The D-ANS corpus: the Dublin-Autonomous Nervous System corpus of biosignal and multimodal recordings of conversational speech
[L14-1322]: Shannon Hennig | Ryad Chellali | Nick Campbell


Pdf Export Search Laugher and Topic Transition in Multiparty Conversation
[W13-4045]: Emer Gilmartin | Francesca Bonin | Carl Vogel | Nick Campbell


Pdf Export Search Vers un mesure automatique de l'adaptation prosodique en interaction conversationnelle (Automatic measurement of prosodic accommodation in conversational interaction) [in French]
[F12-1041]: CĂ©line de Looze | Stefan Scherer | Brian Vaughan | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search The Herme Database of Spontaneous Multimodal Human-Robot Dialogues
[L12-1293]: Jing Guang Han | Emer Gilmartin | Celine DeLooze | Brian Vaughan | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search An audiovisual political speech analysis incorporating eye-tracking and perception data
[L12-1600]: Stefan Scherer | Georg Layher | John Kane | Heiko Neumann | Nick Campbell


Pdf Export Search A Software Toolkit for Viewing Annotated Multimodal Data Interactively over the Web
[L10-1056]: Nick Campbell | Akiko Tabata


Pdf Export Search Tools & Resources for Visualising Conversational-Speech Interaction
[L08-1187]: Nick Campbell


Pdf Export Search Differences in the Speaking Styles of a Japanese Male According to Interlocutor; Showing the Effects of Affect in Conversational Speech
[O07-3001]: Nick Campbell


Pdf Export Search Getting to the Heart of the Matter; Speech is More than Just the Expression of Text or Language
[L04-1005]: Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search Speech & Expression; the Value of a Longitudinal Corpus
[L04-1132]: Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search Japanese MULTEXT: a Prosodic Corpus
[L04-1504]: Kitazawa Shigeyoshi | Kiriyama Shinya | Itoh Toshihiko | Nick Campbell


Pdf Export Search Recording techniques for capturing natural every-day speech.
[L02-1121]: Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Acoustic Centres of Reliability for Tagging Paralinguistic Information in Expressive Speech.
[L02-1153]: Parham Mokhtari | Nick Campbell


Pdf Export Search COCOSDA - a Progress Report
[L00-1270]: Nick Campbell