Pdf Export Search PyRATA, Python Rule-based feAture sTructure Analysis
[L18-1330]: Nicolas Hernandez | Amir Hazem

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Domain Framework for Textual Similarity. A Case Study on Question-to-Question and Question-Answering Similarity Tasks
[L18-1432]: Amir Hazem | Basma El Amel Boussaha | Nicolas Hernandez


Pdf Export Search MappSent: a Textual Mapping Approach for Question-to-Question Similarity
[R17-1040]: Amir Hazem | Basma El Amel Boussaha | Nicolas Hernandez


Pdf Export Search Building Monolingual Comparable and Annotated Corpora: An experimental study from a pos tagged corpus (Construire un corpus monolingue annoté comparable Expérience à partir d’un corpus annoté morpho-syntaxiquement) [in French]
[F14-1017]: Nicolas Hernandez

Pdf Export Search Exploiting the Human Computational Effort Dedicated to Message Reply Formatting for Training Discursive Email Segmenters
[W14-4917]: Nicolas Hernandez | Soufian Salim


Pdf Export Search Construction of a Free Large Part-of-Speech Annotated Corpus in French (Construction d’un large corpus écrit libre annoté morpho-syntaxiquement en français) [in French]
[F13-1012]: Nicolas Hernandez | Florian Boudin


Pdf Export Search Tackling interoperability issues within UIMA work flows
[L12-1667]: Nicolas Hernandez

Pdf Export Search Participation du LINA à DEFT2012 (LINA at DEFT2012) [in French]
[W12-1107]: Florian Boudin | Amir Hazem | Nicolas Hernandez | Prajol Shrestha

Pdf Export Search Détection et correction automatique d’erreurs d’annotation morpho-syntaxique du French TreeBank (Detecting and Correcting POS Annotation in the French TreeBank) [in French]
[F12-2021]: Florian Boudin | Nicolas Hernandez


Pdf Export Search What’s in a Message?
[W09-0903]: Stergos Afantenos | Nicolas Hernandez


Pdf Export Search Recognizing Textual Parallelisms with Edit Distance and Similarity Degree
[E06-1036]: Marie Guégan | Nicolas Hernandez