Pdf Export Search Knowing the Author by the Company His Words Keep
[L18-1083]: Armin Hoenen | Niko Schenk

Pdf Export Search The ACoLi CoNLL Libraries: Beyond Tab-Separated Values
[L18-1090]: Christian Chiarcos | Niko Schenk

Pdf Export Search Towards a Linked Open Data Edition of Sumerian Corpora
[L18-1387]: Christian Chiarcos | Émilie Pagé-Perron | Ilya Khait | Niko Schenk | Lucas Reckling


Pdf Export Search A Recurrent Neural Model with Attention for the Recognition of Chinese Implicit Discourse Relations
[P17-2040]: Samuel Rönnqvist | Niko Schenk | Christian Chiarcos

Pdf Export Search Resource-Lean Modeling of Coherence in Commonsense Stories
[W17-0910]: Niko Schenk | Christian Chiarcos


Pdf Export Search Do We Really Need All Those Rich Linguistic Features? A Neural Network-Based Approach to Implicit Sense Labeling
[K16-2005]: Niko Schenk | Christian Chiarcos | Kathrin Donandt | Samuel Rönnqvist | Evgeny Stepanov | Giuseppe Riccardi

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Prototypical Fillers for Implicit Semantic Role Labeling
[N16-1173]: Niko Schenk | Christian Chiarcos


Pdf Export Search A Minimalist Approach to Shallow Discourse Parsing and Implicit Relation Recognition
[K15-2006]: Christian Chiarcos | Niko Schenk

Pdf Export Search Towards the Unsupervised Acquisition of Implicit Semantic Roles
[R15-1074]: Niko Schenk | Christian Chiarcos | Maria Sukhareva

Pdf Export Search Towards Semantic Language Classification: Inducing and Clustering Semantic Association Networks from Europarl
[S15-1014]: Steffen Eger | Niko Schenk | Alexander Mehler

Pdf Export Search Memory-Based Acquisition of Argument Structures and its Application to Implicit Role Detection
[W15-4626]: Christian Chiarcos | Niko Schenk