Pdf Export Search Automatically Selecting the Best Dependency Annotation Design with Dynamic Oracles
[N18-2064]: Guillaume Wisniewski | Ophélie Lacroix | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search Investigating NP-Chunking with Universal Dependencies for English
[W18-6010]: Ophélie Lacroix


Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual and cross-domain discourse segmentation of entire documents
[P17-2037]: Chloé Braud | Ophélie Lacroix | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Does syntax help discourse segmentation? Not so much
[D17-1258]: Chloé Braud | Ophélie Lacroix | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search A Systematic Comparison of Syntactic Representations of Dependency Parsing
[W17-0419]: Guillaume Wisniewski | Ophélie Lacroix


Pdf Export Search Frustratingly Easy Cross-Lingual Transfer for Transition-Based Dependency Parsing
[N16-1121]: Ophélie Lacroix | Lauriane Aufrant | Guillaume Wisniewski | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Dependency Transfer : What Matters? Assessing the Impact of Pre- and Post-processing
[W16-1203]: Ophélie Lacroix | Guillaume Wisniewski | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search LIMSI$@$WMT’16: Machine Translation of News
[W16-2304]: Alexandre Allauzen | Lauriane Aufrant | Franck Burlot | Ophélie Lacroix | Elena Knyazeva | Thomas Lavergne | Guillaume Wisniewski | François Yvon


Pdf Export Search Validation Issues induced by an Automatic Pre-Annotation Mechanism in the Building of Non-projective Dependency Treebanks
[L14-1729]: Ophélie Lacroix | Denis Béchet

Pdf Export Search A Three-Step Transition-Based System for Non-Projective Dependency Parsing
[C14-1023]: Ophélie Lacroix | Denis Béchet


Pdf Export Search On the Effect of Head Tagging on Parsing Discontinuous Dependencies in French (Influence de l’étiquetage syntaxique des têtes sur l’analyse en dépendances discontinues du français) [in French]
[F13-5009]: Ophélie Lacroix


Pdf Export Search Prémices d'une analyse syntaxique par transition pour des structures de dépendances non-projectives (Beginnings of a Transition-Based Parsing for Non-Projectives Dependency Structures) [in French]
[F12-3007]: Boris Karlov | Ophélie Lacroix