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Pdf Export Search Improving Learning and Inference in a Large Knowledge-Base using Latent Syntactic Cues
[D13-1080]: Matt Gardner | Partha Pratim Talukdar | Bryan Kisiel | Tom Mitchell


Pdf Export Search Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning Algorithms for NLP
[P12-4006]: Amar Subramanya | Partha Pratim Talukdar

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Automatic Knowledge Base Construction and Web-scale Knowledge Extraction (AKBC-WEKEX)
[W12-3000]: James Fan | Raphael Hoffman | Aditya Kalyanpur | Sebastian Riedel | Fabian Suchanek | Partha Pratim Talukdar


Pdf Export Search Experiments in Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning Methods for Class-Instance Acquisition
[P10-1149]: Partha Pratim Talukdar | Fernando Pereira

Pdf Export Search Learning Better Data Representation Using Inference-Driven Metric Learning
[P10-2069]: Paramveer S. Dhillon | Partha Pratim Talukdar | Koby Crammer


Pdf Export Search Weakly-Supervised Acquisition of Labeled Class Instances using Graph Random Walks
[D08-1061]: Partha Pratim Talukdar | Joseph Reisinger | Marius Pasca | Deepak Ravichandran | Rahul Bhagat | Fernando Pereira


Pdf Export Search Frustratingly Hard Domain Adaptation for Dependency Parsing
[D07-1112]: Mark Dredze | John Blitzer | Partha Pratim Talukdar | Kuzman Ganchev | João Graca | Fernando Pereira


Pdf Export Search A Context Pattern Induction Method for Named Entity Extraction
[W06-2919]: Partha Pratim Talukdar | Thorsten Brants | Mark Liberman | Fernando Pereira


Pdf Export Search Automatic Generation of Compound Word Lexicon for Hindi Speech Synthesis
[L04-1298]: S.R. Deepa | Kalika Bali | A.G. Ramakrishnan | Partha Pratim Talukdar