Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Model for Joint Learning of Word Embeddings from Texts and Images
[D18-1177]: Melissa Ailem | Bowen Zhang | Aurélien Bellet | Pascal Denis | Fei Sha

Pdf Export Search Attachment A Framework for Understanding the Role of Morphology in Universal Dependency Parsing
[D18-1312]: Mathieu Dehouck | Pascal Denis


Pdf Export Search Delexicalized Word Embeddings for Cross-lingual Dependency Parsing
[E17-1023]: Mathieu Dehouck | Pascal Denis

Pdf Export Search Online Learning of Task-specific Word Representations with a Joint Biconvex Passive-Aggressive Algorithm
[E17-1073]: Pascal Denis | Liva Ralaivola


Pdf Export Search Learning Connective-based Word Representations for Implicit Discourse Relation Identification
[D16-1020]: Chloé Braud | Pascal Denis


Pdf Export Search Comparing Word Representations for Implicit Discourse Relation Classification
[D15-1262]: Chloé Braud | Pascal Denis


Pdf Export Search Combining Natural and Artificial Examples to Improve Implicit Discourse Relation Identification
[C14-1160]: Chloé Braud | Pascal Denis


Pdf Export Search Automatically identifying implicit discourse relations using annotated data and raw corpora (Identification automatique des relations discursives « implicites » à partir de données annotées et de corpus bruts) [in French]
[F13-1008]: Chloé Braud | Pascal Denis

Pdf Export Search Learning a hierarchy of specialized pairwise models for coreference resolution (Apprentissage d’une hiérarchie de modèles à paires spécialisés pour la résolution de la coréférence) [in French]
[F13-1009]: Emmanuel Lassalle | Pascal Denis

Pdf Export Search Expressivity and comparison of models of discourse structure
[W13-4002]: Antoine Venant | Nicholas Asher | Philippe Muller | Pascal Denis | Stergos Afantenos

Pdf Export Search Improving pairwise coreference models through feature space hierarchy learning
[P13-1049]: Emmanuel Lassalle | Pascal Denis


Pdf Export Search Constrained Decoding for Text-Level Discourse Parsing
[C12-1115]: Philippe Muller | Stergos Afantenos | Pascal Denis | Nicholas Asher


Pdf Export Search French TimeBank: An ISO-TimeML Annotated Reference Corpus
[P11-2023]: André Bittar | Pascal Amsili | Pascal Denis | Laurence Danlos


Pdf Export Search Statistical French Dependency Parsing: Treebank Conversion and First Results
[L10-1269]: Marie Candito | Benoît Crabbé | Pascal Denis

Pdf Export Search Learning Recursive Segments for Discourse Parsing
[L10-1401]: Stergos Afantenos | Pascal Denis | Philippe Muller | Laurence Danlos

Pdf Export Search Comparison of different algebras for inducing the temporal structure of texts
[C10-1029]: Pascal Denis | Philippe Muller

Pdf Export Search Benchmarking of Statistical Dependency Parsers for French
[C10-2013]: Marie Candito | Joakim Nivre | Pascal Denis | Enrique Henestroza Anguiano


Pdf Export Search Coupling an Annotated Corpus and a Morphosyntactic Lexicon for State-of-the-Art POS Tagging with Less Human Effort
[Y09-1013]: Pascal Denis | Benoît Sagot


Pdf Export Search Specialized Models and Ranking for Coreference Resolution
[D08-1069]: Pascal Denis | Jason Baldridge


Pdf Export Search Joint Determination of Anaphoricity and Coreference Resolution using Integer Programming
[N07-1030]: Pascal Denis | Jason Baldridge