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Pdf Export Search Indigenous language technologies in Canada: Assessment, challenges, and successes
[C18-1222]: Patrick Littell | Anna Kazantseva | Roland Kuhn | Aidan Pine | Antti Arppe | Christopher Cox | Marie-Odile Junker

Pdf Export Search Finite-state morphology for Kwak'wala: A phonological approach
[W18-4803]: Patrick Littell

Pdf Export Search Measuring sentence parallelism using Mahalanobis distances: The NRC unsupervised submissions to the WMT18 Parallel Corpus Filtering shared task
[W18-6480]: Patrick Littell | Samuel Larkin | Darlene Stewart | Michel Simard | Cyril Goutte | Chi-kiu Lo

Pdf Export Search Accurate semantic textual similarity for cleaning noisy parallel corpora using semantic machine translation evaluation metric: The NRC supervised submissions to the Parallel Corpus Filtering task
[W18-6481]: Chi-kiu Lo | Michel Simard | Darlene Stewart | Samuel Larkin | Cyril Goutte | Patrick Littell

Pdf Export Search Epitran: Precision G2P for Many Languages
[L18-1429]: David R. Mortensen | Siddharth Dalmia | Patrick Littell

Pdf Export Search Parser combinators for Tigrinya and Oromo morphology
[L18-1611]: Patrick Littell | Tom McCoy | Na-Rae Han | Shruti Rijhwani | Zaid Sheikh | David R. Mortensen | Teruko Mitamura | Lori Levin


Pdf Export Search Learning Language Representations for Typology Prediction
[D17-1268]: Chaitanya Malaviya | Graham Neubig | Patrick Littell

Pdf Export Search URIEL and lang2vec: Representing languages as typological, geographical, and phylogenetic vectors
[E17-2002]: Patrick Littell | David R. Mortensen | Ke Lin | Katherine Kairis | Carlisle Turner | Lori Levin

Pdf Export Search STREAMLInED Challenges: Aligning Research Interests with Shared Tasks
[W17-0106]: Gina-Anne Levow | Emily M. Bender | Patrick Littell | Kristen Howell | Shobhana Chelliah | Joshua Crowgey | Dan Garrette | Jeff Good | Sharon Hargus | David Inman | Michael Maxwell | Michael Tjalve | Fei Xia

Pdf Export Search Waldayu and Waldayu Mobile: Modern digital dictionary interfaces for endangered languages
[W17-0119]: Patrick Littell | Aidan Pine | Henry Davis


Pdf Export Search Polyglot Neural Language Models: A Case Study in Cross-Lingual Phonetic Representation Learning
[N16-1161]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Sunayana Sitaram | Manaal Faruqui | Guillaume Lample | Patrick Littell | David Mortensen | Alan W Black | Lori Levin | Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search The Role of Context in Neural Morphological Disambiguation
[C16-1018]: Qinlan Shen | Daniel Clothiaux | Emily Tagtow | Patrick Littell | Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition for Linguistic Rapid Response in Low-Resource Languages: Sorani Kurdish and Tajik
[C16-1095]: Patrick Littell | Kartik Goyal | David R. Mortensen | Alexa Little | Chris Dyer | Lori Levin

Pdf Export Search PanPhon: A Resource for Mapping IPA Segments to Articulatory Feature Vectors
[C16-1328]: David R. Mortensen | Patrick Littell | Akash Bharadwaj | Kartik Goyal | Chris Dyer | Lori Levin


Pdf Export Search Morphological parsing of Swahili using crowdsourced lexical resources
[L14-1686]: Patrick Littell | Kaitlyn Price | Lori Levin


Pdf Export Search Introducing Computational Concepts in a Linguistics Olympiad
[W13-3403]: Patrick Littell | Lori Levin | Jason Eisner | Dragomir Radev