Pdf Export Search Annotating Spin in Biomedical Scientific Publications : the case of Random Controlled Trials (RCTs)
[L18-1080]: Anna Koroleva | Patrick Paroubek

Pdf Export Search Measuring Innovation in Speech and Language Processing Publications.
[L18-1297]: Joseph Mariani | Gil Francopoulo | Patrick Paroubek


Pdf Export Search Presentation A Study of Reuse and Plagiarism in Speech and Natural Language Processing papers
[W16-1509]: Joseph Mariani | Gil Francopoulo | Patrick Paroubek

Pdf Export Search Providing and Analyzing NLP Terms for our Community
[W16-4711]: Gil Francopoulo | Joseph Mariani | Patrick Paroubek | Frédéric Vernier


Pdf Export Search Rediscovering 15 Years of Discoveries in Language Resources and Evaluation: The LREC Anthology Analysis
[L14-1155]: Joseph Mariani | Patrick Paroubek | Gil Francopoulo | Olivier Hamon

Pdf Export Search Facing the Identification Problem in Language-Related Scientific Data Analysis.
[L14-1717]: Joseph Mariani | Christopher Cieri | Gil Francopoulo | Patrick Paroubek | Marine Delaborde

Pdf Export Search Bidirectionnal converter between syntactic annotations : from French Treebank Dependencies to PASSAGE annotations, and back
[L14-1744]: Munshi Asadullah | Patrick Paroubek | Anne Vilnat

Pdf Export Search Toward a unifying model for Opinion, Sentiment and Emotion information extraction
[L14-1009]: Amel Fraisse | Patrick Paroubek

Pdf Export Search Automatic Analysis of Scientific and Literary Texts. Presentation and Results of the DEFT2014 Text Mining Challenge (Analyse automatique de textes littéraires et scientifiques : présentation et résultats du défi fouille de texte DEFT2014) [in French]
[W14-6301]: Thierry Hamon | Quentin Pleplé | Patrick Paroubek | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Cyril Grouin


Pdf Export Search Improving Minor Opinion Polarity Classification with Named Entity Analysis (L’apport des Entités Nommées pour la classification des opinions minoritaires) [in French]
[F13-2011]: Amel Fraisse | Patrick Paroubek | Gil Francopoulo

Pdf Export Search Converting dependencies for syntactic analysis of French into PASSAGE functional relations (Convertir des analyses syntaxiques en dépendances vers les relations fonctionnelles PASSAGE) [in French]
[F13-2022]: Patrick Paroubek | Munshi Asadullah | Anne Vilnat


Pdf Export Search Indexation libre et contrôlée d’articles scientifiques. Présentation et résultats du défi fouille de textes DEFT2012 (Controlled and free indexing of scientific papers. Presentation and results of the DEFT2012 text-mining challenge) [in French]
[W12-1101]: Patrick Paroubek | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Dominic Forest | Cyril Grouin

Pdf Export Search A Rough Set Formalization of Quantitative Evaluation with Ambiguity
[L12-1230]: Patrick Paroubek | Xavier Tannier


Pdf Export Search Twitter as a Corpus for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
[L10-1263]: Alexander Pak | Patrick Paroubek

Pdf Export Search Annotations for Opinion Mining Evaluation in the Industrial Context of the DOXA project
[L10-1290]: Patrick Paroubek | Alexander Pak | Djamel Mostefa

Pdf Export Search The Second Evaluation Campaign of PASSAGE on Parsing of French
[L10-1294]: Patrick Paroubek | Olivier Hamon | Eric de La Clergerie | Cyril Grouin | Anne Vilnat

Pdf Export Search PASSAGE Syntactic Representation: a Minimal Common Ground for Evaluation
[L10-1412]: Anne Vilnat | Patrick Paroubek | Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie | Gil Francopoulo | Marie-Laure Guénot

Pdf Export Search Twitter Based System: Using Twitter for Disambiguating Sentiment Ambiguous Adjectives
[S10-1097]: Alexander Pak | Patrick Paroubek


Pdf Export Search Human Judgement as a Parameter in Evaluation Campaigns
[W08-1204]: Jean-Baptiste Berthelin | Cyril Grouin | Martine Hurault-Plantet | Patrick Paroubek

Pdf Export Search Large Scale Production of Syntactic Annotations to Move Forward
[W08-1306]: Anne Vilnat | Gil Francopoulo | Olivier Hamon | Sylvain Loiseau | Patrick Paroubek | Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie

Pdf Export Search Annotation and analysis of overlapping speech in political interviews
[L08-1014]: Martine Adda-Decker | Claude Barras | Gilles Adda | Patrick Paroubek | Philippe Boula de Mareuil | Benoit Habert

Pdf Export Search EASY, Evaluation of Parsers of French: what are the Results?
[L08-1116]: Patrick Paroubek | Isabelle Robba | Anne Vilnat | Christelle Ayache

Pdf Export Search PASSAGE: from French Parser Evaluation to Large Sized Treebank
[L08-1119]: Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie | Olivier Hamon | Djamel Mostefa | Christelle Ayache | Patrick Paroubek | Anne Vilnat


Pdf Export Search The Ongoing Evaluation Campaign of Syntactic Parsing of French: EASY
[L04-1193]: Anne Vilnat | Patrick Paroubek | Laura Monceaux | Isabelle Robba | Véronique Gendner | Gabriel Illouz | Michèle Jardino

Pdf Export Search The French MEDIA/EVALDA Project: the Evaluation of the Understanding Capability of Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
[L04-1199]: Laurence Devillers | Hélène Maynard | Sophie Rosset | Patrick Paroubek | Kevin McTait | D. Mostefa | Khalid Choukri | Laurent Charnay | Caroline Bousquet | Nadine Vigouroux | Frédéric Béchet | Laurent Romary | Jean-Yves Antoine | J. Villaneau | Myriam Vergnes | J. Goulian


Pdf Export Search PEAS, the first instantiation of a comparative framework for evaluating parsers of French
[E03-1085]: Véronique Gendner | Gabriel Illouz | Michèle Jardino | Laura Monceaux | Patrick Paroubek | Isabelle Robba | Anne Vilnat

Pdf Export Search The PEACE SLDS understanding evaluation paradigm of the French MEDIA campaign
[W03-2802]: Laurence Devillers | Hélène Maynard | Patrick Paroubek | Sophie Rosset


Pdf Export Search A Protocol for Evaluating Analyzers of Syntax (PEAS).
[L02-1345]: Véronique Gendner | Gabriel Illouz | Michèle Jardino | Laura Monceaux | Patrick Paroubek | Isabelle Robba | Anne Vilnat


Pdf Export Search Introduction
[W01-0901]: Patrick Paroubek


Pdf Export Search Language Resources as by-Product of Evaluation: The MULTITAG Example
[L00-1262]: Patrick Paroubek


Pdf Export Search XTAG - A Graphical Workbench for Developing Tree-Adjoining Grammars
[A92-1030]: Patrick Paroubek | Yves Schabes | Aravind K . Joshi