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Pdf Export Search Platforms for Non-speakers Annotating Names in Any Language
[P18-4001]: Ying Lin | Cash Costello | Boliang Zhang | Di Lu | Heng Ji | James Mayfield | Paul McNamee

Pdf Export Search Freezing Subnetworks to Analyze Domain Adaptation in Neural Machine Translation
[W18-6313]: Brian Thompson | Huda Khayrallah | Antonios Anastasopoulos | Arya D. McCarthy | Kevin Duh | Rebecca Marvin | Paul McNamee | Jeremy Gwinnup | Tim Anderson | Philipp Koehn


Pdf Export Search Language-Independent Named Entity Analysis Using Parallel Projection and Rule-Based Disambiguation
[W17-1414]: James Mayfield | Paul McNamee | Cash Costello


Pdf Export Search Language and Dialect Discrimination Using Compression-Inspired Language Models
[W16-4825]: Paul McNamee


Pdf Export Search A Comparison of the Events and Relations Across ACE, ERE, TAC-KBP, and FrameNet Annotation Standards
[W14-2907]: Jacqueline Aguilar | Charley Beller | Paul McNamee | Benjamin Van Durme | Stephanie Strassel | Zhiyi Song | Joe Ellis


Pdf Export Search KELVIN: a tool for automated knowledge base construction
[N13-3008]: Paul McNamee | James Mayfield | Tim Finin | Tim Oates | Dawn Lawrie | Tan Xu | Douglas Oard


Pdf Export Search Creating and Curating a Cross-Language Person-Entity Linking Collection
[L12-1382]: Dawn Lawrie | James Mayfield | Paul McNamee | Douglas Oard

Pdf Export Search Language Identification for Creating Language-Specific Twitter Collections
[W12-2108]: Shane Bergsma | Paul McNamee | Mossaab Bagdouri | Clayton Fink | Theresa Wilson


Pdf Export Search Cross-Language Entity Linking
[I11-1029]: Paul McNamee | James Mayfield | Dawn Lawrie | Douglas Oard | David Doermann


Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Technologies for Knowledge Base Population
[L10-1435]: Paul McNamee | Hoa Trang Dang | Heather Simpson | Patrick Schone | Stephanie M. Strassel

Pdf Export Search Wikipedia and the Web of Confusable Entities: Experience from Entity Linking Query Creation for TAC 2009 Knowledge Base Population
[L10-1596]: Heather Simpson | Stephanie Strassel | Robert Parker | Paul McNamee

Pdf Export Search Entity Disambiguation for Knowledge Base Population
[C10-1032]: Mark Dredze | Paul McNamee | Delip Rao | Adam Gerber | Tim Finin

Pdf Export Search Streaming Cross Document Entity Coreference Resolution
[C10-2121]: Delip Rao | Paul McNamee | Mark Dredze


Pdf Export Search Translation Corpus Source and Size in Bilingual Retrieval
[N09-2007]: Paul McNamee | James Mayfield | Charles Nicholas


Pdf Export Search Learning Named Entity Hyponyms for Question Answering
[I08-2112]: Paul McNamee | Rion Snow | Patrick Schone | James Mayfield


Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition using Hundreds of Thousands of Features
[W03-0429]: James Mayfield | Paul McNamee | Christine Piatko


Pdf Export Search Entity Extraction without Language-Specific Resources
[W02-2020]: Paul McNamee | James Mayfield