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Pdf Export Search Bringing replication and reproduction together with generalisability in NLP: Three reproduction studies for Target Dependent Sentiment Analysis
[C18-1097]: Andrew Moore | Paul Rayson

Pdf Export Search Using J-K-fold Cross Validation To Reduce Variance When Tuning NLP Models
[C18-1252]: Henry Moss | David Leslie | Paul Rayson

Pdf Export Search Towards a Welsh Semantic Annotation System
[L18-1158]: Scott Piao | Paul Rayson | Dawn Knight | Gareth Watkins

Pdf Export Search Arabic Dialect Identification in the Context of Bivalency and Code-Switching
[L18-1573]: Mahmoud El-Haj | Paul Rayson | Mariam Aboelezz

Pdf Export Search Profiling Medical Journal Articles Using a Gene Ontology Semantic Tagger
[L18-1726]: Mahmoud El-Haj | Paul Rayson | Scott Piao | Jo Knight


Pdf Export Search Lancaster A at SemEval-2017 Task 5: Evaluation metrics matter: predicting sentiment from financial news headlines
[S17-2095]: Andrew Moore | Paul Rayson

Pdf Export Search Creating and Validating Multilingual Semantic Representations for Six Languages: Expert versus Non-Expert Crowds
[W17-1908]: Mahmoud El-Haj | Paul Rayson | Scott Piao | Stephen Wattam


Pdf Export Search Development of the Multilingual Semantic Annotation System
[N15-1137]: Scott Piao | Francesca Bianchi | Carmen Dayrell | Angela D’Egidio | Paul Rayson


Pdf Export Search Detecting Document Structure in a Very Large Corpus of UK Financial Reports
[L14-1348]: Mahmoud El-Haj | Paul Rayson | Steve Young | Martin Walker

Pdf Export Search Experiences with Parallelisation of an Existing NLP Pipeline: Tagging Hansard
[L14-1539]: Stephen Wattam | Paul Rayson | Marc Alexander | Jean Anderson


Pdf Export Search Using a Keyness Metric for Single and Multi Document Summarisation
[W13-3109]: Mahmoud El-Haj | Paul Rayson


Pdf Export Search Document Attrition in Web Corpora: an Exploration
[L12-1475]: Stephen Wattam | Paul Rayson | Damon Berridge


Pdf Export Search ASSIST: Automated Semantic Assistance for Translators
[E06-2014]: Serge Sharoff | Bogdan Babych | Paul Rayson | Olga Mudraya | Scott Piao

Pdf Export Search Measuring MWE Compositionality Using Semantic Annotation
[W06-1202]: Scott S.L. Piao | Paul Rayson | Olga Mudraya | Andrew Wilson | Roger Garside

Pdf Export Search Annotated Web as corpus
[W06-1705]: Paul Rayson | James Walkerdine | William H. Fletcher | Adam Kilgarriff

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Chinese Multiword Expressions with a Statistical Tool
[W06-2403]: Scott S.L. Piao | Guangfan Sun | Paul Rayson | Qi Yuan


Pdf Export Search Evaluating Lexical Resources for a Semantic Tagger
[L04-1195]: Scott S. L. Piao | Paul Rayson | Dawn Archer | Tony McEnery


Pdf Export Search Extracting Multiword Expressions with A Semantic Tagger
[W03-1807]: Scott S. L. Piao | Paul Rayson | Dawn Archer | Andrew Wilson | Tony McEnery


Pdf Export Search Comparing Corpora using Frequency Profiling
[W00-0901]: Paul Rayson | Roger Garside