Pdf Export Search Aggressive language in an online hacking forum
[W18-5109]: Andrew Caines | Sergio Pastrana | Alice Hutchings | Paula Buttery


Pdf Export Search A Text Normalisation System for Non-Standard English Words
[W17-4414]: Emma Flint | Elliot Ford | Olivia Thomas | Andrew Caines | Paula Buttery

Pdf Export Search Parsing transcripts of speech
[W17-4604]: Andrew Caines | Michael McCarthy | Paula Buttery

Pdf Export Search Collecting fluency corrections for spoken learner English
[W17-5010]: Andrew Caines | Emma Flint | Paula Buttery


Pdf Export Search Automated speech-unit delimitation in spoken learner English
[C16-1075]: Russell Moore | Andrew Caines | Calbert Graham | Paula Buttery


Pdf Export Search Towards a computational model of grammaticalization and lexical diversity
[W14-0508]: Christian Bentz | Paula Buttery

Pdf Export Search The effect of disfluencies and learner errors on the parsing of spoken learner language
[W14-6107]: Andrew Caines | Paula Buttery


Pdf Export Search Reclassifying subcategorization frames for experimental analysis and stimulus generation
[L12-1634]: Paula Buttery | Andrew Caines

Pdf Export Search Annotating progressive aspect constructions in the spoken section of the British National Corpus
[L12-1648]: Andrew Caines | Paula Buttery


Pdf Export Search LIPS: A Tool for Predicting the Lexical Isolation Point of a Word
[L10-1223]: Andrew Thwaites | Jeroen Geertzen | William D. Marslen-Wilson | Paula Buttery

Pdf Export Search The Cambridge Cookie-Theft Corpus: A Corpus of Directed and Spontaneous Speech of Brain-Damaged Patients and Healthy Individuals
[L10-1224]: Caroline Williams | Andrew Thwaites | Paula Buttery | Jeroen Geertzen | Billi Randall | Meredith Shafto | Barry Devereux | Lorraine Tyler

Pdf Export Search You Talking to Me? A Predictive Model for Zero Auxiliary Constructions
[W10-2107]: Andrew Caines | Paula Buttery


Pdf Export Search Biomedical Event Extraction without Training Data
[W09-1405]: Andreas Vlachos | Paula Buttery | Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha | Ted Briscoe


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of Computational Language Acquisition
[W07-0600]: Paula Buttery | Aline Villavicencio | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search I will shoot your shopping down and you can shoot all my tins—Automatic Lexical Acquisition from the CHILDES Database
[W07-0605]: Paula Buttery | Anna Korhonen


Pdf Export Search A Quantitative Evaluation of Naturalistic Models of Language Acquisition; the Efficiency of the Triggering Learning Algorithm Compared to a Categorial Grammar Learner
[W04-1301]: Paula Buttery