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Pdf Export Search Fully Connected Neural Network with Advance Preprocessor to Identify Aggression over Facebook and Twitter
[W18-4404]: Kashyap Raiyani | Teresa Gonçalves | Paulo Quaresma | Vitor Beires Nogueira

Pdf Export Search A Multi- versus a Single-classifier Approach for the Identification of Modality in the Portuguese Language
[L18-1161]: João Sequeira | Teresa Gonçalves | Paulo Quaresma | Amália Mendes | Iris Hendrickx


Pdf Export Search L2F/INESC-ID at SemEval-2017 Tasks 1 and 2: Lexical and semantic features in word and textual similarity
[S17-2032]: Pedro Fialho | Hugo Patinho Rodrigues | Luísa Coheur | Paulo Quaresma


Pdf Export Search UM-Corpus: A Large English-Chinese Parallel Corpus for Statistical Machine Translation
[L14-1604]: Liang Tian | Derek F. Wong | Lidia S. Chao | Paulo Quaresma | Francisco Oliveira | Lu Yi

Pdf Export Search JU-Evora: A Graph Based Cross-Level Semantic Similarity Analysis using Discourse Information
[S14-2064]: Swarnendu Ghosh | Nibaran Das | Teresa Gonçalves | Paulo Quaresma


Pdf Export Search Classifying Questions in Question Answering System Using Finite State Machines with a Simple Learning Approach
[Y13-1042]: Mohammad Moinul Hoque | Teresa Goncalves | Paulo Quaresma


Pdf Export Search Semantic Networks and Spreading Activation Process for QA improvement on text answers
[W11-4530]: José Saias | Paulo Quaresma


Pdf Export Search An API for Multi-lingual Ontology Matching
[L10-1478]: Cássia Trojahn | Paulo Quaresma | Renata Vieira


Pdf Export Search A Framework for Multilingual Ontology Mapping
[L08-1266]: Cássia Trojahn | Paulo Quaresma | Renata Vieira


Pdf Export Search Mining Linguistically Interpreted Texts
[W04-1909]: Cassiana Fagundes da Silva | Renata Vieira | Fernando Santos Osório | Paulo Quaresma


Pdf Export Search An Information Retrieval System with Cooperative Behaviour
[W99-1019]: Paulo Quaresma | Irene Pimenta Rodrigues