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Pdf Export Search A Novel Fast Framework for Topic Labeling Based on Similarity-preserved Hashing
[C16-1315]: Xian-Ling Mao | Yi-Jing Hao | Qiang Zhou | Wen-Qing Yuan | Liner Yang | Heyan Huang

Pdf Export Search CSE: Conceptual Sentence Embeddings based on Attention Model
[P16-1048]: Yashen Wang | Heyan Huang | Chong Feng | Qiang Zhou | Jiahui Gu | Xiong Gao


Pdf Export Search Distant Supervision for Entity Linking
[Y15-1010]: Miao Fan | Qiang Zhou | Thomas Fang Zheng


Pdf Export Search Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction with Matrix Completion
[P14-1079]: Miao Fan | Deli Zhao | Qiang Zhou | Zhiyuan Liu | Thomas Fang Zheng | Edward Y. Chang

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Reportof the fourth Chinese Parsing Evaluation: CIPS-SIGHAN-ParsEval-2014
[W14-6823]: Qiang Zhou

Pdf Export Search Transition-based Knowledge Graph Embedding with Relational Mapping Properties
[Y14-1039]: Miao Fan | Qiang Zhou | Emily Chang | Thomas Fang Zheng


Pdf Export Search Bringing the Associative Ability to Social Tag Recommendation
[W12-4108]: Miao Fan | Yingnan Xiao | Qiang Zhou

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Reportof the third Chinese Parsing Evaluation: CIPS-SIGHAN-ParsEval-2012
[W12-6329]: Qiang Zhou


Pdf Export Search SemEval-2010 Task 11: Event Detection in Chinese News Sentences
[S10-1015]: Qiang Zhou

Pdf Export Search Automatic Identification of Chinese Event Descriptive Clause
[W10-4108]: Liou Chen | Qiang Zhou

Pdf Export Search Chinese Syntactic Parsing Evaluation
[W10-4143]: Qiang Zhou | Jingbo Zhu


Pdf Export Search Automatic Rule Acquisition for Chinese Intra-chunk Relations
[I08-2079]: Qiang Zhou


Pdf Export Search A SVM-Based Model for Chinese Functional Chunk Parsing
[W06-0113]: Yingze Zhao | Qiang Zhou


Pdf Export Search Annotating the functional chunks in Chinese sentences.
[L02-1013]: Qiang Zhou | Elliott Franco Drabek | Fuji Ren

Pdf Export Search 情境——組織/存放辭彙語義知識的恰當框架 (Situation - A Suitable Framework for Organizing and Positioning Lexical Semantic Knowledge) [In Chinese]
[O02-2001]: Zusun Chen | Qiang Zhou | Qiang Zhao

Pdf Export Search Chinese Base-Phrases Chunking
[W02-1818]: Yuqi Zhang | Qiang Zhou


Pdf Export Search Local context templates for Chinese constituent boundary prediction
[C00-2141]: Qiang Zhou