Pdf Export Search Large-scale news entity sentiment analysis
[R17-1091]: Ralf Steinberger | Stefanie Hegele | Hristo Tanev | Leonida della Rocca

Pdf Export Search Multi-word Entity Classification in a Highly Multilingual Environment
[W17-1702]: Sophie Chesney | Guillaume Jacquet | Ralf Steinberger | Jakub Piskorski


Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition on Turkish Tweets
[L14-1328]: Dilek Kucuk | Guillaume Jacquet | Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Media monitoring and information extraction for the highly inflected agglutinative language Hungarian
[L14-1381]: Júlia Pajzs | Ralf Steinberger | Maud Ehrmann | Mohamed Ebrahim | Leonida Della Rocca | Stefano Bucci | Eszter Simon | Tamás Váradi

Pdf Export Search Clustering of Multi-Word Named Entity variants: Multilingual Evaluation
[L14-1396]: Guillaume Jacquet | Maud Ehrmann | Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search DCEP -Digital Corpus of the European Parliament
[L14-1716]: Najeh Hajlaoui | David Kolovratnik | Jaakko Väyrynen | Ralf Steinberger | Daniel Varga

Pdf Export Search Resource Creation and Evaluation for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Texts
[L14-1727]: Alexandra Balahur | Marco Turchi | Ralf Steinberger | Jose Manuel Perea-Ortega | Guillaume Jacquet | Dilek Kucuk | Vanni Zavarella | Adil El Ghali

Pdf Export Search Experiments to Improve Named Entity Recognition on Turkish Tweets
[W14-1309]: Dilek Kucuk | Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis
[W14-2600]: Alexandra Balahur | Erik van der Goot | Ralf Steinberger | Andres Montoyo


Pdf Export Search Acronym recognition and processing in 22 languages
[R13-1031]: Maud Ehrmann | Leo della Rocca | Ralf Steinberger | Hristo Tanev


Pdf Export Search DGT-TM: A freely available Translation Memory in 22 languages
[L12-1481]: Ralf Steinberger | Andreas Eisele | Szymon Klocek | Spyridon Pilos | Patrick Schlüter

Pdf Export Search JRC Eurovoc Indexer JEX - A freely available multi-label categorisation tool
[L12-1519]: Ralf Steinberger | Mohamed Ebrahim | Marco Turchi

Pdf Export Search ONTS: "Optima" News Translation System
[E12-2006]: Marco Turchi | Martin Atkinson | Alastair Wilcox | Brett Crawley | Stefano Bucci | Ralf Steinberger | Erik Van der Goot


Pdf Export Search Creating Sentiment Dictionaries via Triangulation
[W11-1704]: Josef Steinberger | Polina Lenkova | Mohamed Ebrahim | Maud Ehrman | Ali Hurriyetoglu | Mijail Kabadjov | Ralf Steinberger | Hristo Tanev | Vanni Zavarella | Silvia Vazquez

Pdf Export Search INVITED TALK 2: Bringing Multilingual Information Extraction to the User
[W11-4009]: Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search JRC-NAMES: A Freely Available, Highly Multilingual Named Entity Resource
[R11-1015]: Ralf Steinberger | Bruno Pouliquen | Mijail Kabadjov | Jenya Belyaeva | Erik van der Goot

Pdf Export Search Building a Multilingual Named Entity-Annotated Corpus Using Annotation Projection
[R11-1017]: Maud Ehrmann | Marco Turchi | Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Highly Multilingual Coreference Resolution Exploiting a Mature Entity Repository
[R11-1035]: Josef Steinberger | Jenya Belyaeva | Jonathan Crawley | Leonida Della-Rocca | Mohamed Ebrahim | Maud Ehrmann | Mijail Kabadjov | Ralf Steinberger | Erik Van-der-Goot

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Entity-Centered Sentiment Analysis Evaluated by Parallel Corpora
[R11-1113]: Josef Steinberger | Polina Lenkova | Mijail Kabadjov | Ralf Steinberger | Erik van der Goot


Pdf Export Search Adapting a resource-light highly multilingual Named Entity Recognition system to Arabic
[L10-1457]: Wajdi Zaghouani | Bruno Pouliquen | Mohamed Ebrahim | Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis in the News
[L10-1623]: Alexandra Balahur | Ralf Steinberger | Mijail Kabadjov | Vanni Zavarella | Erik van der Goot | Matina Halkia | Bruno Pouliquen | Jenya Belyaeva

Pdf Export Search Wrapping up a Summary: From Representation to Generation
[P10-2070]: Josef Steinberger | Marco Turchi | Mijail Kabadjov | Ralf Steinberger | Nello Cristianini


Pdf Export Search Invited talk: Linking News Content Across Languages
[W09-4602]: Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Summarizing Opinions in Blog Threads
[Y09-2019]: Alexandra Balahur | Mijail Kabadjov | Josef Steinberger | Ralf Steinberger | Andrés Montoyo


Pdf Export Search Story tracking: linking similar news over time and across languages
[W08-1408]: Bruno Pouliquen | Ralf Steinberger | Olivier Deguernel

Pdf Export Search Online-Monitoring of Security-Related Events
[C08-3001]: Martin Atkinson | Jakub Piskorski | Bruno Pouliquen | Ralf Steinberger | Hristo Tanev | Vanni Zavarella


Pdf Export Search Multilingual and cross-lingual news topic tracking
[C04-1138]: Bruno Pouliquen | Ralf Steinberger | Camelia Ignat | Emilia Käsper | Irina Temnikova


Pdf Export Search Treating 'Free Word Order' in Machine Translation
[C94-1008]: Ralf Steinberger