Pdf Export Search Integrating Stance Detection and Fact Checking in a Unified Corpus
[N18-2004]: Ramy Baly | Mitra Mohtarami | James Glass | Lluís Màrquez | Alessandro Moschitti | Preslav Nakov

Pdf Export Search Predicting Factuality of Reporting and Bias of News Media Sources
[D18-1389]: Ramy Baly | Georgi Karadzhov | Dimitar Alexandrov | James Glass | Preslav Nakov

Pdf Export Search Automatic Stance Detection Using End-to-End Memory Networks
[N18-1070]: Mitra Mohtarami | Ramy Baly | James Glass | Preslav Nakov | Lluís Màrquez | Alessandro Moschitti


Pdf Export Search OMAM at SemEval-2017 Task 4: Evaluation of English State-of-the-Art Sentiment Analysis Models for Arabic and a New Topic-based Model
[S17-2099]: Ramy Baly | Gilbert Badaro | Ali Hamdi | Rawan Moukalled | Rita Aoun | Georges El-Khoury | Ahmad Al Sallab | Hazem Hajj | Nizar Habash | Khaled Shaban | Wassim El-Hajj

Pdf Export Search A Characterization Study of Arabic Twitter Data with a Benchmarking for State-of-the-Art Opinion Mining Models
[W17-1314]: Ramy Baly | Gilbert Badaro | Georges El-Khoury | Rawan Moukalled | Rita Aoun | Hazem Hajj | Wassim El-Hajj | Nizar Habash | Khaled Shaban


Pdf Export Search Machine Translation Evaluation for Arabic using Morphologically-enriched Embeddings
[C16-1132]: Francisco Guzmán | Houda Bouamor | Ramy Baly | Nizar Habash


Pdf Export Search Note Deep Learning Models for Sentiment Analysis in Arabic
[W15-3202]: Ahmad Al Sallab | Hazem Hajj | Gilbert Badaro | Ramy Baly | Wassim El Hajj | Khaled Bashir Shaban

Pdf Export Search A Light Lexicon-based Mobile Application for Sentiment Mining of Arabic Tweets
[W15-3203]: Gilbert Badaro | Ramy Baly | Rana Akel | Linda Fayad | Jeffrey Khairallah | Hazem Hajj | Khaled Shaban | Wassim El-Hajj


Pdf Export Search A Large Scale Arabic Sentiment Lexicon for Arabic Opinion Mining
[W14-3623]: Gilbert Badaro | Ramy Baly | Hazem Hajj | Nizar Habash | Wassim El-Hajj