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Pdf Export Search Analysing the potential of seq-to-seq models for incremental interpretation in task-oriented dialogue
[W18-5419]: Dieuwke Hupkes | Sanne Bouwmeester | Raquel Fernández

Pdf Export Search Automatic Evaluation of Neural Personality-based Chatbots
[W18-6524]: Yujie Xing | Raquel Fernández

Pdf Export Search Ask No More: Deciding when to guess in referential visual dialogue
[C18-1104]: Ravi Shekhar | Tim Baumgärtner | Aashish Venkatesh | Elia Bruni | Raffaella Bernardi | Raquel Fernández

Pdf Export Search The Road to Success: Assessing the Fate of Linguistic Innovations in Online Communities
[C18-1135]: Marco Del Tredici | Raquel Fernández


Pdf Export Search Semantic Variation in Online Communities of Practice
[W17-6804]: Marco Del Tredici | Raquel Fernández


Pdf Export Search Questioning Arbitrariness in Language: a Data-Driven Study of Conventional Iconicity
[N16-1038]: Ekaterina Abramova | Raquel Fernández

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Semantic Learning from Child-Directed Input
[N16-1043]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Grzegorz Chrupała | Raquel Fernández | Marco Baroni


Pdf Export Search The Role of Polarity in Inferring Acceptance and Rejection in Dialogue
[W14-4321]: Julian Schlöder | Raquel Fernández


Pdf Export Search Collective Annotation of Linguistic Resources: Basic Principles and a Formal Model
[P13-1053]: Ulle Endriss | Raquel Fernández


Pdf Export Search Cascaded Lexicalised Classifiers for Second-Person Reference Resolution
[W09-3944]: Matthew Purver | Raquel Fernández | Matthew Frampton | Stanley Peters

Pdf Export Search Who is “You”? Combining Linguistic and Gaze Features to Resolve Second-Person References in Dialogue
[E09-1032]: Matthew Frampton | Raquel Fernández | Patrick Ehlen | Mario Christoudias | Trevor Darrell | Stanley Peters


Pdf Export Search Modelling and Detecting Decisions in Multi-party Dialogue
[W08-0125]: Raquel Fernández | Matthew Frampton | Patrick Ehlen | Matthew Purver | Stanley Peters


Pdf Export Search Classifying Non-Sentential Utterances in Dialogue: A Machine Learning Approach
[J07-3005]: Raquel Fernández | Jonathan Ginzburg | Shalom Lappin


Pdf Export Search Scaling up from Dialogue to Multilogue: Some Principles and Benchmarks
[P05-1029]: Jonathan Ginzburg | Raquel Fernández


Pdf Export Search Classifying Ellipsis in Dialogue: A Machine Learning Approach
[C04-1035]: Raquel Fernández | Jonathan Ginzburg | Shalom Lappin


Pdf Export Search A Dynamic Logic Formalisation of the Dialogue Gameboard
[E03-3005]: Raquel Fernández


Pdf Export Search Non-Sentential Utterances: Grammar and Dialogue Dynamics in Corpus Annotation
[C02-1135]: Raquel Fernández | Jonathan Ginzburg