Pdf Export Search Adversarial evaluation for open-domain dialogue generation
[W17-5534]: Elia Bruni | Raquel Fernandez


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 17th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue
[W16-3600]: Raquel Fernandez | Wolfgang Minker | Giuseppe Carenini | Ryuichiro Higashinaka | Ron Artstein | Alesia Gainer

Pdf Export Search The LAMBADA dataset: Word prediction requiring a broad discourse context
[P16-1144]: Denis Paperno | Germán Kruszewski | Angeliki Lazaridou | Ngoc Quan Pham | Raffaella Bernardi | Sandro Pezzelle | Marco Baroni | Gemma Boleda | Raquel Fernandez

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Style Accommodation in Disagreements
[S16-2015]: Elise van der Pol | Sharon Gieske | Raquel Fernandez

Pdf Export Search A Data-driven Investigation of Corrective Feedback on Subject Omission Errors in First Language Acquisition
[K16-1011]: Sarah Hiller | Raquel Fernandez


Pdf Export Search Centre Stage: How Social Network Position Shapes Linguistic Coordination
[W15-1104]: Bill Noble | Raquel Fernandez

Pdf Export Search Distributional Semantics in Use
[W15-2712]: Raffaella Bernardi | Gemma Boleda | Raquel Fernandez | Denis Paperno

Pdf Export Search Clarifying Intentions in Dialogue: A Corpus Study
[W15-0106]: Julian J. Schlöder | Raquel Fernandez

Pdf Export Search Pragmatic Rejection
[W15-0129]: Julian J. Schlöder | Raquel Fernandez


Pdf Export Search Empirical Analysis of Aggregation Methods for Collective Annotation
[C14-1145]: Ciyang Qing | Ulle Endriss | Raquel Fernandez | Justin Kruger

Pdf Export Search Vagueness and Learning: A Type-Theoretic Approach
[S14-1019]: Raquel Fernandez | Staffan Larsson


Pdf Export Search Generation of Quantified Referring Expressions: Evidence from Experimental Data
[W13-2120]: Dale Barr | Kees van Deemter | Raquel Fernandez


Pdf Export Search Towards a Flexible Semantics: Colour Terms in Collaborative Reference Tasks
[S12-1013]: Bert Baumgaertner | Raquel Fernandez | Matthew Stone

Pdf Export Search Building a Corpus of Indefinite Uses Annotated with Fine-grained Semantic Functions
[L12-1178]: Maria Aloni | Andreas van Cranenburgh | Raquel Fernandez | Marta Sznajder


Pdf Export Search Non-Sentential Utterances in Dialogue: A: Corpus-Based Study
[W02-0203]: Raquel Fernandez | Jonathan Ginzburg