Pdf Export Search Exploring the Behavior of Classic REG Algorithms in the Description of Characters in 3D Images
[W17-3507]: Gonzalo Méndez | Raquel Hervás | Susana Bautista | Adrian Rabadan | Teresa Rodriguez


Pdf Export Search A System for the Simplification of Numerical Expressions at Different Levels of Understandability
[W13-1505]: Susana Bautista | Raquel Hervás | Pablo Gervás | Richard Power | Sandra Williams


Pdf Export Search Experimental Identification of the Use of Hedges in the Simplification of Numerical Expressions
[W11-2314]: Susana Bautista | Raquel Hervás | Pablo Gervás | Richard Power | Sandra Williams


Pdf Export Search Integration of Linguistic Markup into Semantic Models of Folk Narratives: The Fairy Tale Use Case
[L10-1445]: Piroska Lendvai | Thierry Declerck | Sándor Darányi | Pablo Gervás | Raquel Hervás | Scott Malec | Federico Peinado


Pdf Export Search A Model for Human Readable Instruction Generation Using Level-Based Discourse Planning and Dynamic Inference of Attributes
[W09-0610]: Daniel Dionne | Salvador de la Puente | Carlos León | Pablo Gervás | Raquel Hervás

Pdf Export Search Evolutionary and Case-Based Approaches to REG: NIL-UCM-EvoTAP, NIL-UCM-ValuesCBR and NIL-UCM-EvoCBR
[W09-0632]: Raquel Hervás | Pablo Gervás


Pdf Export Search Degree of Abstraction in Referring Expression Generation and its Relation with the Construction of the Contrast Set
[W08-1121]: Raquel Hervás | Pablo Gervás

Pdf Export Search NIL-UCM: Most-Frequent-Value-First Attribute Selection and Best-Scoring-Choice Realization
[W08-1134]: Pablo Gervás | Raquel Hervás | Carlos León


Pdf Export Search An Evolutionary Approach to Referring Expression Generation and Aggregation
[W05-1620]: Raquel Hervás | Pablo Gervás