Pdf Export Search Simple Negation Scope Resolution through Deep Parsing: A Semantic Solution to a Semantic Problem
[P14-1007]: Woodley Packard | Emily M. Bender | Jonathon Read | Stephan Oepen | Rebecca Dridan


Pdf Export Search Ubertagging: Joint Segmentation and Supertagging for English
[D13-1120]: Rebecca Dridan

Pdf Export Search Simple and Accountable Segmentation of Marked-up Text
[W13-5633]: Jonathon Read | Rebecca Dridan | Stephan Oepen


Pdf Export Search Tokenization: Returning to a Long Solved Problem — A Survey, Contrastive Experiment, Recommendations, and Toolkit —
[P12-2074]: Rebecca Dridan | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search The WeSearch Corpus, Treebank, and Treecache - A Comprehensive Sample of User-Generated Content
[L12-1454]: Jonathon Read | Dan Flickinger | Rebecca Dridan | Stephan Oepen | Lilja Øvrelid

Pdf Export Search Sentence Boundary Detection: A Long Solved Problem?
[C12-2096]: Jonathon Read | Rebecca Dridan | Stephan Oepen | Lars Jørgen Solberg

Pdf Export Search The Effects of Semantic Annotations on Precision Parse Ranking
[S12-1031]: Andrew MacKinlay | Rebecca Dridan | Diana McCarthy | Timothy Baldwin


Pdf Export Search Parser Evaluation Using Elementary Dependency Matching
[W11-2927]: Rebecca Dridan | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search Treeblazing: Using External Treebanks to Filter Parse Forests for Parse Selection and Treebanking
[I11-1028]: Andrew MacKinlay | Rebecca Dridan | Dan Flickinger | Stephan Oepen | Timothy Baldwin


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Parse Selection for HPSG
[D10-1068]: Rebecca Dridan | Timothy Baldwin


Pdf Export Search Enhancing Performance of Lexicalised Grammars
[P08-1070]: Rebecca Dridan | Valia Kordoni | Jeremy Nicholson

Pdf Export Search Evaluating and Extending the Coverage of HPSG Grammars: A Case Study for German
[L08-1025]: Jeremy Nicholson | Valia Kordoni | Yi Zhang | Timothy Baldwin | Rebecca Dridan


Pdf Export Search Sentence Comparison Using Robust Minimal Recursion Semantics and an Ontology
[W06-1106]: Rebecca Dridan | Francis Bond