Pdf Export Search WLV at SemEval-2018 Task 3: Dissecting Tweets in Search of Irony
[S18-1090]: Omid Rohanian | Shiva Taslimipoor | Richard Evans | Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search Classifying Referential and Non-referential It Using Gaze
[D18-1528]: Victoria Yaneva | Le An Ha | Richard Evans | Ruslan Mitkov


Pdf Export Search Combining Multiple Corpora for Readability Assessment for People with Cognitive Disabilities
[W17-5013]: Victoria Yaneva | Constantin Orasan | Richard Evans | Omid Rohanian


Pdf Export Search Six Good Predictors of Autistic Text Comprehension
[R15-1089]: Victoria Yaneva | Richard Evans


Pdf Export Search An evaluation of syntactic simplification rules for people with autism
[W14-1215]: Richard Evans | Constantin Orasan | Iustin Dornescu

Pdf Export Search Relative clause extraction for syntactic simplification
[W14-5601]: Iustin Dornescu | Richard Evans | Constantin Orasan

Pdf Export Search Assessing Conformance of Manually Simplified Corpora with User Requirements: the Case of Autistic Readers
[W14-5606]: Sanja Štajner | Richard Evans | Iustin Dornescu


Pdf Export Search A Tagging Approach to Identify Complex Constituents for Text Simplification
[R13-1029]: Iustin Dornescu | Richard Evans | Constantin Orasan


Pdf Export Search Categorizing Web Pages as a Preprocessing Step for Information Extraction
[L04-1328]: Viktor Pekar | Richard Evans | Ruslan Mitkov


Pdf Export Search A corpus based investigation of morphological disagreement in anaphoric relations.
[L02-1206]: Cătălina Barbu | Richard Evans | Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search Assessing the difficulty of finding people in texts.
[L02-1321]: Constantin Orăsan | Richard Evans