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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop Computational Semantics Beyond Events and Roles
[W17-1800]: Eduardo Blanco | Roser Morante | Roser Saurí


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in Computational Linguistics (ExProM)
[W16-5000]: Eduardo Blanco | Roser Morante | Roser Saurí


Pdf Export Search The NewSoMe Corpus: A Unifying Opinion Annotation Framework across Genres and in Multiple Languages
[L14-1306]: Roser Saurí | Judith Domingo | Toni Badia


Pdf Export Search FBM: Combining lexicon-based ML and heuristics for Social Media Polarities
[S13-2080]: Carlos Rodriguez-Penagos | Jordi Atserias Batalla | Joan Codina-Filbà | David García-Narbona | Jens Grivolla | Patrik Lambert | Roser Saurí


Pdf Export Search Are You Sure That This Happened? Assessing the Factuality Degree of Events in Text
[J12-2002]: Roser Saurí | James Pustejovsky


Pdf Export Search Language Technology Challenges of a ‘Small’ Language (Catalan)
[L10-1432]: Maite Melero | Gemma Boleda | Montse Cuadros | Cristina España-Bonet | Lluís Padró | Martí Quixal | Carlos Rodríguez | Roser Saurí


Pdf Export Search Classification of Discourse Coherence Relations: An Exploratory Study using Multiple Knowledge Sources
[W06-1317]: Ben Wellner | James Pustejovsky | Catherine Havasi | Anna Rumshisky | Roser Saurí


Pdf Export Search Evita: A Robust Event Recognizer For QA Systems
[H05-1088]: Roser Saurí | Robert Knippen | Marc Verhagen | James Pustejovsky


Pdf Export Search Medstract: creating large-scale information servers from biomedical texts
[W02-0312]: James Pustejovsky | José Wei Luo | Castaño | Jason Zhang | Roser Saurí