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Pdf Export Search Hybrid Neural Attention for Agreement/Disagreement Inference in Online Debates
[D18-1069]: Di Chen | Jiachen Du | Lidong Bing | Ruifeng Xu

Pdf Export Search Variational Autoregressive Decoder for Neural Response Generation
[D18-1354]: Jiachen Du | Wenjie Li | Yulan He | Ruifeng Xu | Lidong Bing | Xuan Wang

Pdf Export Search The UIR Uncertainty Corpus for Chinese: Annotating Chinese Microblog Corpus for Uncertainty Identification from Social Media
[L18-1078]: Binyang Li | Jun Xiang | Le Chen | Xu Han | Xiaoyan Yu | Ruifeng Xu | Tengjiao Wang | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search A Question Answering Approach for Emotion Cause Extraction
[D17-1167]: Lin Gui | Jiannan Hu | Yulan He | Ruifeng Xu | Lu Qin | Jiachen Du


Pdf Export Search Event-Driven Emotion Cause Extraction with Corpus Construction
[D16-1170]: Lin Gui | Dongyin Wu | Ruifeng Xu | Qin Lu | Yu Zhou


Pdf Export Search Presentation A Joint Model for Chinese Microblog Sentiment Analysis
[W15-3111]: Yuhui Cao | Zhao Chen | Ruifeng Xu | Tao Chen | Lin Gui

Pdf Export Search Improving Distributed Representation of Word Sense via WordNet Gloss Composition and Context Clustering
[P15-2003]: Tao Chen | Ruifeng Xu | Yulan He | Xuan Wang


Pdf Export Search Automatic Labelling of Topic Models Learned from Twitter by Summarisation
[P14-2101]: Amparo Elizabeth Cano Basave | Yulan He | Ruifeng Xu

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Opinion Analysis via Negative Transfer Detection
[P14-2139]: Lin Gui | Ruifeng Xu | Qin Lu | Jun Xu | Jian Xu | Bin Liu | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search Web Information Mining and Decision Support Platform for the Modern Service Industry
[P14-5017]: Binyang Li | Lanjun Zhou | Zhongyu Wei | Kam-fai Wong | Ruifeng Xu | Yunqing Xia

Pdf Export Search Personal Attributes Extraction in Chinese Text Bakeoff in CLP 2014: Overview
[W14-6817]: Ruifeng Xu | Shuai Wang | Feng Shi | Jian Xu


Pdf Export Search Incorporating Rule-based and Statistic-based Techniques for Coreference Resolution
[W12-4512]: Ruifeng Xu | Jun Xu | Jie Liu | Chengxiang Liu | Chengtian Zou | Lin Gui | Yanzhen Zheng | Peng Qu

Pdf Export Search Explore Chinese Encyclopedic Knowledge to Disambiguate Person Names
[W12-6326]: Jie Liu | Ruifeng Xu | Qin Lu | Jian Xu


Pdf Export Search Instance Level Transfer Learning for Cross Lingual Opinion Analysis
[W11-1724]: Ruifeng Xu | Jun Xu | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search Diversifying Information Needs in Results of Question Retrieval
[I11-1168]: Yaoyun Zhang | Xiaolong Wang | Xuan Wang | Ruifeng Xu | Jun Xu | ShiXi Fan


Pdf Export Search Combine Person Name and Person Identity Recognition and Document Clustering for Chinese Person Name Disambiguation
[W10-4154]: Ruifeng Xu | Jun Xu | Xiangying Dai | Chunyu Kit

Pdf Export Search HITSZ_CITYU: Combine Collocation, Context Words and Neighboring Sentence Sentiment in Sentiment Adjectives Disambiguation
[S10-1100]: Ruifeng Xu | Jun Xu | Chunyu Kit


Pdf Export Search Opinion Annotation in On-line Chinese Product Reviews
[L08-1617]: Ruifeng Xu | Yunqing Xia | Kam-Fai Wong | Wenjie Li


Pdf Export Search Annotating Chinese Collocations with Multi Information
[W07-1511]: Ruifeng Xu | Qin Lu | Kam-Fai Wong | Wenjie Li


Pdf Export Search Similarity Based Chinese Synonym Collocation Extraction
[O05-2006]: Wanyin Li | Qin Lu | Ruifeng Xu

Pdf Export Search The Design and Construction of the PolyU Shallow Treebank
[O05-4006]: Ruifeng Xu | Qin Lu | Yin Li | Wanyin Li


Pdf Export Search Using Synonym Relations in Chinese Collocation Extraction
[W04-1113]: Wanyin Li | Qin Lu | Ruifeng Xu

Pdf Export Search The Construction of A Chinese Shallow Treebank
[W04-1114]: Ruifeng Xu | Qin Lu | Yin Li | Wanyin Li