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Pdf Export Search Poster Morphosyntactic Tagging with a Meta-BiLSTM Model over Context Sensitive Token Encodings
[P18-1246]: Bernd Bohnet | Ryan McDonald | Gonçalo Simões | Daniel Andor | Emily Pitler | Joshua Maynez

Pdf Export Search AUEB at BioASQ 6: Document and Snippet Retrieval
[W18-5304]: George Brokos | Polyvios Liosis | Ryan McDonald | Dimitris Pappas | Ion Androutsopoulos

Pdf Export Search Attachment Deep Relevance Ranking Using Enhanced Document-Query Interactions
[D18-1211]: Ryan McDonald | George Brokos | Ion Androutsopoulos


Pdf Export Search Attachment Natural Language Processing with Small Feed-Forward Networks
[D17-1309]: Jan A. Botha | Emily Pitler | Ji Ma | Anton Bakalov | Alex Salcianu | David Weiss | Ryan McDonald | Slav Petrov


Pdf Export Search Generalized Transition-based Dependency Parsing via Control Parameters
[P16-1015]: Bernd Bohnet | Ryan McDonald | Emily Pitler | Ji Ma

Pdf Export Search Morpho-syntactic Lexicon Generation Using Graph-based Semi-supervised Learning
[Q16-1001]: Manaal Faruqui | Ryan McDonald | Radu Soricut


Pdf Export Search A Linear-Time Transition System for Crossing Interval Trees
[N15-1068]: Emily Pitler | Ryan McDonald


Pdf Export Search Adapting taggers to Twitter with not-so-distant supervision
[C14-1168]: Barbara Plank | Dirk Hovy | Ryan McDonald | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Squibs: Constrained Arc-Eager Dependency Parsing
[J14-2001]: Joakim Nivre | Yoav Goldberg | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Enforcing Structural Diversity in Cube-pruned Dependency Parsing
[P14-2107]: Hao Zhang | Ryan McDonald


Pdf Export Search Token and Type Constraints for Cross-Lingual Part-of-Speech Tagging
[Q13-1001]: Oscar Täckström | Dipanjan Das | Slav Petrov | Ryan McDonald | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search Online Learning for Inexact Hypergraph Search
[D13-1093]: Hao Zhang | Liang Huang | Kai Zhao | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Target Language Adaptation of Discriminative Transfer Parsers
[N13-1126]: Oscar Täckström | Ryan McDonald | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search Universal Dependency Annotation for Multilingual Parsing
[P13-2017]: Ryan McDonald | Joakim Nivre | Yvonne Quirmbach-Brundage | Yoav Goldberg | Dipanjan Das | Kuzman Ganchev | Keith Hall | Slav Petrov | Hao Zhang | Oscar Täckström | Claudia Bedini | Núria Bertomeu Castelló | Jungmee Lee


Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Word Clusters for Direct Transfer of Linguistic Structure
[N12-1052]: Oscar Täckström | Ryan McDonald | Jakob Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Using Search-Logs to Improve Query Tagging
[P12-2047]: Kuzman Ganchev | Keith Hall | Ryan McDonald | Slav Petrov

Pdf Export Search Generalized Higher-Order Dependency Parsing with Cube Pruning
[D12-1030]: Hao Zhang | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search A Universal Part-of-Speech Tagset
[L12-1115]: Slav Petrov | Dipanjan Das | Ryan McDonald


Pdf Export Search Multi-Source Transfer of Delexicalized Dependency Parsers
[D11-1006]: Ryan McDonald | Slav Petrov | Keith Hall

Pdf Export Search Training a Parser for Machine Translation Reordering
[D11-1017]: Jason Katz-Brown | Slav Petrov | Ryan McDonald | Franz Och | David Talbot | Hiroshi Ichikawa | Masakazu Seno | Hideto Kazawa

Pdf Export Search Training dependency parsers by jointly optimizing multiple objectives
[D11-1138]: Keith Hall | Ryan McDonald | Jason Katz-Brown | Michael Ringgaard

Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised latent variable models for sentence-level sentiment analysis
[P11-2100]: Oscar Täckström | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Analyzing and Integrating Dependency Parsers
[J11-1007]: Ryan McDonald | Joakim Nivre


Pdf Export Search What’s great and what’s not: learning to classify the scope of negation for improved sentiment analysis
[W10-3110]: Isaac Councill | Ryan McDonald | Leonid Velikovich

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Dependency Parsers on Unbounded Dependencies
[C10-1094]: Joakim Nivre | Laura Rimell | Ryan McDonald | Carlos Gómez Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Distributed Training Strategies for the Structured Perceptron
[N10-1069]: Ryan McDonald | Keith Hall | Gideon Mann

Pdf Export Search The viability of web-derived polarity lexicons
[N10-1119]: Leonid Velikovich | Sasha Blair-Goldensohn | Kerry Hannan | Ryan McDonald


Pdf Export Search Contrastive Summarization: An Experiment with Consumer Reviews
[N09-2029]: Kevin Lerman | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Summarization: Evaluating and Learning User Preferences
[E09-1059]: Kevin Lerman | Sasha Blair-Goldensohn | Ryan McDonald


Pdf Export Search A Joint Model of Text and Aspect Ratings for Sentiment Summarization
[P08-1036]: Ivan Titov | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Integrating Graph-Based and Transition-Based Dependency Parsers
[P08-1108]: Joakim Nivre | Ryan McDonald


Pdf Export Search On the Complexity of Non-Projective Data-Driven Dependency Parsing
[W07-2216]: Ryan McDonald | Giorgio Satta

Pdf Export Search Characterizing the Errors of Data-Driven Dependency Parsing Models
[D07-1013]: Ryan McDonald | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search The CoNLL 2007 Shared Task on Dependency Parsing
[D07-1096]: Joakim Nivre | Johan Hall | Sandra Kübler | Ryan McDonald | Jens Nilsson | Sebastian Riedel | Deniz Yuret

Pdf Export Search Structured Models for Fine-to-Coarse Sentiment Analysis
[P07-1055]: Ryan McDonald | Kerry Hannan | Tyler Neylon | Mike Wells | Jeff Reynar


Pdf Export Search Online Learning of Approximate Dependency Parsing Algorithms
[E06-1011]: Ryan McDonald | Fernando Pereira

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Sentence Compression with Soft Syntactic Evidence
[E06-1038]: Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Domain Adaptation with Structural Correspondence Learning
[W06-1615]: John Blitzer | Ryan McDonald | Fernando Pereira

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Dependency Analysis with a Two-Stage Discriminative Parser
[W06-2932]: Ryan McDonald | Kevin Lerman | Fernando Pereira

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Computationally Hard Problems and Joint Inference in Speech and Language Processing
[W06-3600]: Ryan McDonald | Charles Sutton | Hal Daumé III | Andrew McCallum | Fernando Pereira | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Online Large-Margin Training of Dependency Parsers
[P05-1012]: Ryan McDonald | Koby Crammer | Fernando Pereira

Pdf Export Search Simple Algorithms for Complex Relation Extraction with Applications to Biomedical IE
[P05-1061]: Ryan McDonald | Fernando Pereira | Seth Kulick | Scott Winters | Yang Jin | Pete White

Pdf Export Search Non-Projective Dependency Parsing using Spanning Tree Algorithms
[H05-1066]: Ryan McDonald | Fernando Pereira | Kiril Ribarov | Jan Hajic

Pdf Export Search Flexible Text Segmentation with Structured Multilabel Classification
[H05-1124]: Ryan McDonald | Koby Crammer | Fernando Pereira


Pdf Export Search Integrated Annotation for Biomedical Information Extraction
[W04-3111]: Seth Kulick | Ann Bies | Mark Liberman | Mark Mandel | Ryan McDonald | Martha Palmer | Andrew Schein | Lyle Ungar | Scott Winters | Pete White