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Pdf Export Search Annotating Zero Anaphora for Question Answering
[L18-1556]: Yoshihiko Asao | Ryu Iida | Kentaro Torisawa


Pdf Export Search Intra-Sentential Subject Zero Anaphora Resolution using Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network
[D16-1132]: Ryu Iida | Kentaro Torisawa | Jong-Hoon Oh | Canasai Kruengkrai | Julien Kloetzer


Pdf Export Search Intra-sentential Zero Anaphora Resolution using Subject Sharing Recognition
[D15-1260]: Ryu Iida | Kentaro Torisawa | Chikara Hashimoto | Jong-Hoon Oh | Julien Kloetzer

Pdf Export Search Incrementally Tracking Reference in Human/Human Dialogue Using Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Information
[N15-1031]: Casey Kennington | Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga | David Schlangen


Pdf Export Search Building a Corpus of Manually Revised Texts from Discourse Perspective
[L14-1173]: Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga


Pdf Export Search Automatic Voice Selection in Japanese based on Various Linguistic Information
[W13-2118]: Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga

Pdf Export Search Investigation of annotator’s behaviour using eye-tracking data
[W13-2326]: Ryu Iida | Koh Mitsuda | Takenobu Tokunaga

Pdf Export Search Detecting Missing Annotation Disagreement using Eye Gaze Information
[W13-4303]: Koh Mitsuda | Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga


Pdf Export Search Sentence Compression with Semantic Role Constraints
[P12-2068]: Katsumasa Yoshikawa | Ryu Iida | Tsutomu Hirao | Manabu Okumura

Pdf Export Search The REX corpora: A collection of multimodal corpora of referring expressions in collaborative problem solving dialogues
[L12-1392]: Takenobu Tokunaga | Ryu Iida | Asuka Terai | Naoko Kuriyama

Pdf Export Search A Metric for Evaluating Discourse Coherence based on Coreference Resolution
[C12-2048]: Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga

Pdf Export Search Identifying Temporal Relations by Sentence and Document Optimizations
[C12-2134]: Katsumasa Yoshikawa | Masayuki Asahara | Ryu Iida

Pdf Export Search A Unified Probabilistic Approach to Referring Expressions
[W12-1633]: Kotaro Funakoshi | Mikio Nakano | Takenobu Tokunaga | Ryu Iida


Pdf Export Search A Cross-Lingual ILP Solution to Zero Anaphora Resolution
[P11-1081]: Ryu Iida | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Multi-modal Reference Resolution in Situated Dialogue by Integrating Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Clues
[I11-1010]: Ryu Iida | Masaaki Yasuhara | Takenobu Tokunaga


Pdf Export Search Annotation Process Management Revisited
[L10-1080]: Dain Kaplan | Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Extra-Linguistic Information into Reference Resolution in Collaborative Task Dialogue
[P10-1128]: Ryu Iida | Syumpei Kobayashi | Takenobu Tokunaga

Pdf Export Search Construction of bilingual multimodal corpora of referring expressions in collaborative problem solving
[W10-3206]: Takenobu Tokunaga | Ryu Iida | Masaaki Yasuhara | Asuka Terai | David Morris | Anja Belz

Pdf Export Search Towards an Extrinsic Evaluation of Referring Expressions in Situated Dialogs
[W10-4214]: Philipp Spanger | Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga | Asuka Terai | Naoko Kuriyama


Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Citation Contexts for Research Paper Summarization: A Coreference-chain based Approach
[W09-3611]: Dain Kaplan | Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga

Pdf Export Search Capturing Salience with a Trainable Cache Model for Zero-anaphora Resolution
[P09-1073]: Ryu Iida | Kentaro Inui | Yuji Matsumoto


Pdf Export Search Gloss-Based Semantic Similarity Metrics for Predominant Sense Acquisition
[I08-1073]: Ryu Iida | Diana McCarthy | Rob Koeling


Pdf Export Search Annotating a Japanese Text Corpus with Predicate-Argument and Coreference Relations
[W07-1522]: Ryu Iida | Mamoru Komachi | Kentaro Inui | Yuji Matsumoto


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Syntactic Patterns as Clues in Zero-Anaphora Resolution
[P06-1079]: Ryu Iida | Kentaro Inui | Yuji Matsumoto


Pdf Export Search Opinion Extraction Using a Learning-Based Anaphora Resolution Technique
[I05-2030]: Nozomi Kobayashi | Ryu Iida | Kentaro Inui | Yuji Matsumoto


Pdf Export Search Text Simplification for Reading Assistance: A Project Note
[W03-1602]: Kentaro Inui | Atsushi Fujita | Tetsuro Takahashi | Ryu Iida | Tomoya Iwakura

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Contextual Cues in Trainable Models for Coreference Resolution
[W03-2604]: Ryu Iida | Kentaro Inui | Hiroya Takamura | Yuji Matsumoto