Pdf Export Search CLaC at SMM4H Task 1, 2, and 4
[W18-5920]: Parsa Bagherzadeh | Nadia Sheikh | Sabine Bergler


Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study of Different Sentiment Lexica for Sentiment Analysis of Tweets
[R15-1064]: Canberk Ozdemir | Sabine Bergler

Pdf Export Search CLaC-SentiPipe: SemEval2015 Subtasks 10 B,E, and Task 11
[S15-2081]: Canberk Özdemir | Sabine Bergler


Pdf Export Search CLaC-CORE: Exhaustive Feature Combination for Measuring Textual Similarity
[S13-1029]: Ehsan Shareghi | Sabine Bergler


Pdf Export Search UConcordia: CLaC Negation Focus Detection at *Sem 2012
[S12-1039]: Sabine Rosenberg | Sabine Bergler


Pdf Export Search Adapting a General Semantic Interpretation Approach to Biological Event Extraction
[W11-1827]: Halil Kilicoglu | Sabine Bergler


Pdf Export Search A High-Precision Approach to Detecting Hedges and their Scopes
[W10-3010]: Halil Kilicoglu | Sabine Bergler


Pdf Export Search Syntactic Dependency Based Heuristics for Biological Event Extraction
[W09-1418]: Halil Kilicoglu | Sabine Bergler


Pdf Export Search Recognizing Speculative Language in Biomedical Research Articles: A Linguistically Motivated Perspective
[W08-0607]: Halil Kilicoglu | Sabine Bergler

Pdf Export Search When Specialists and Generalists Work Together: Overcoming Domain Dependence in Sentiment Tagging
[P08-1034]: Alina Andreevskaia | Sabine Bergler

Pdf Export Search Minding the Source: Automatic Tagging of Reported Speech in Newspaper Articles
[L08-1249]: Ralf Krestel | Sabine Bergler | René Witte


Pdf Export Search CLaC and CLaC-NB: Knowledge-based and corpus-based approaches to sentiment tagging
[S07-1022]: Alina Andreevskaia | Sabine Bergler


Pdf Export Search Mining WordNet for a Fuzzy Sentiment: Sentiment Tag Extraction from WordNet Glosses
[E06-1027]: Alina Adreevskaia | Sabine Bergler

Pdf Export Search Postnominal Prepositional Phrase Attachment in Proteomics
[W06-3312]: Jonathan Schuman | Sabine Bergler

Pdf Export Search BioKI:Enzymes - an adaptable system to locate low-frequency information in full-text proteomics articles
[W06-3314]: Sabine Bergler | Jonathan Schuman | Julien Dubuc | Alexandr Lebedev


Pdf Export Search Lexical Semantic Techniques for Corpus Analysis
[J93-2005]: James Pustejovsky | Sabine Bergler | Peter Anick


Pdf Export Search The Semantics of Collocational Patterns for Reporting Verbs
[E91-1038]: Sabine Bergler

Pdf Export Search Lexical Structures for Linguistic Inference
[W91-0210]: Peter Anick | Sabine Bergler