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Pdf Export Search Attachment Interpretation of Natural Language Rules in Conversational Machine Reading
[D18-1233]: Marzieh Saeidi | Max Bartolo | Patrick Lewis | Sameer Singh | Tim Rocktäschel | Mike Sheldon | Guillaume Bouchard | Sebastian Riedel

Pdf Export Search Attachment Embedding Multimodal Relational Data for Knowledge Base Completion
[D18-1359]: Pouya Pezeshkpour | Liyan Chen | Sameer Singh

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Semantically Equivalent Adversarial Rules for Debugging NLP models
[P18-1079]: Marco Tulio Ribeiro | Sameer Singh | Carlos Guestrin


Pdf Export Search Entity Linking via Joint Encoding of Types, Descriptions, and Context
[D17-1284]: Nitish Gupta | Sameer Singh | Dan Roth


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Automated Knowledge Base Construction
[W16-1300]: Jay Pujara | Tim Rocktaschel | Danqi Chen | Sameer Singh

Pdf Export Search Dataset Connotation Frames: A Data-Driven Investigation
[P16-1030]: Hannah Rashkin | Sameer Singh | Yejin Choi

Pdf Export Search Better call Saul: Flexible Programming for Learning and Inference in NLP
[C16-1285]: Parisa Kordjamshidi | Daniel Khashabi | Christos Christodoulopoulos | Bhargav Mangipudi | Sameer Singh | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search “Why Should I Trust You?”: Explaining the Predictions of Any Classifier
[N16-3020]: Marco Ribeiro | Sameer Singh | Carlos Guestrin


Pdf Export Search Towards Combined Matrix and Tensor Factorization for Universal Schema Relation Extraction
[W15-1519]: Sameer Singh | Tim Rocktäschel | Sebastian Riedel

Pdf Export Search Design Challenges for Entity Linking
[Q15-1023]: Xiao Ling | Sameer Singh | Daniel S. Weld

Pdf Export Search Injecting Logical Background Knowledge into Embeddings for Relation Extraction
[N15-1118]: Tim Rocktäschel | Sameer Singh | Sebastian Riedel

Pdf Export Search WOLFE: An NLP-friendly Declarative Machine Learning Stack
[N15-3013]: Sameer Singh | Tim Rocktäschel | Luke Hewitt | Jason Naradowsky | Sebastian Riedel


Pdf Export Search Low-Dimensional Embeddings of Logic
[W14-2409]: Tim Rocktäschel | Matko Bošnjak | Sameer Singh | Sebastian Riedel


Pdf Export Search Dynamic Knowledge-Base Alignment for Coreference Resolution
[W13-3517]: Jiaping Zheng | Luke Vilnis | Sameer Singh | Jinho D. Choi | Andrew McCallum


Pdf Export Search A Discriminative Hierarchical Model for Fast Coreference at Large Scale
[P12-1040]: Michael Wick | Sameer Singh | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Monte Carlo MCMC: Efficient Inference by Approximate Sampling
[D12-1101]: Sameer Singh | Michael Wick | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Monte Carlo MCMC: Efficient Inference by Sampling Factors
[W12-3021]: Sameer Singh | Michael Wick | Andrew McCallum


Pdf Export Search Large-Scale Cross-Document Coreference Using Distributed Inference and Hierarchical Models
[P11-1080]: Sameer Singh | Amarnag Subramanya | Fernando Pereira | Andrew McCallum


Pdf Export Search Minimally-Supervised Extraction of Entities from Text Advertisements
[N10-1009]: Sameer Singh | Dustin Hillard | Chris Leggetter

Pdf Export Search Constraint-Driven Rank-Based Learning for Information Extraction
[N10-1111]: Sameer Singh | Limin Yao | Sebastian Riedel | Andrew McCallum