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Pdf Export Search Measuring sentence parallelism using Mahalanobis distances: The NRC unsupervised submissions to the WMT18 Parallel Corpus Filtering shared task
[W18-6480]: Patrick Littell | Samuel Larkin | Darlene Stewart | Michel Simard | Cyril Goutte | Chi-kiu Lo

Pdf Export Search Accurate semantic textual similarity for cleaning noisy parallel corpora using semantic machine translation evaluation metric: The NRC supervised submissions to the Parallel Corpus Filtering task
[W18-6481]: Chi-kiu Lo | Michel Simard | Darlene Stewart | Samuel Larkin | Cyril Goutte | Patrick Littell

Pdf Export Search EuroGames16: Evaluating Change Detection in Online Conversation
[L18-1277]: Cyril Goutte | Yunli Wang | FangMing Liao | Zachary Zanussi | Samuel Larkin | Yuri Grinberg


Pdf Export Search Cost Weighting for Neural Machine Translation Domain Adaptation
[W17-3205]: Boxing Chen | Colin Cherry | George Foster | Samuel Larkin

Pdf Export Search NRC Machine Translation System for WMT 2017
[W17-4732]: Chi-kiu Lo | Boxing Chen | Colin Cherry | George Foster | Samuel Larkin | Darlene Stewart | Roland Kuhn


Pdf Export Search PORT: a Precision-Order-Recall MT Evaluation Metric for Tuning
[P12-1098]: Boxing Chen | Roland Kuhn | Samuel Larkin


Pdf Export Search Lessons from NRC’s Portage System at WMT 2010
[W10-1717]: Samuel Larkin | Boxing Chen | George Foster | Ulrich Germann | Eric Joanis | Howard Johnson | Roland Kuhn


Pdf Export Search Tightly Packed Tries: How to Fit Large Models into Memory, and Make them Load Fast, Too
[W09-1505]: Ulrich Germann | Eric Joanis | Samuel Larkin


Pdf Export Search NRC’s PORTAGE System for WMT 2007
[W07-0724]: Nicola Ueffing | Michel Simard | Samuel Larkin | Howard Johnson


Pdf Export Search PORTAGE: with Smoothed Phrase Tables and Segment Choice Models
[W06-3118]: Howard Johnson | Fatiha Sadat | George Foster | Roland Kuhn | Michel Simard | Eric Joanis | Samuel Larkin