Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation by Combining Labeled Data Expansion and Semi-Supervised Learning Method
[I11-1076]: Sanae Fujita | Akinori Fujino


Pdf Export Search Predicate Argument Structure Analysis Using Transformation Based Learning
[P10-2030]: Hirotoshi Taira | Sanae Fujita | Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search MSS: Investigating the Effectiveness of Domain Combinations and Topic Features for Word Sense Disambiguation
[S10-1086]: Sanae Fujita | Kevin Duh | Akinori Fujino | Hirotoshi Taira | Hiroyuki Shindo

Pdf Export Search Enriching Dictionaries with Images from the Internet - Targeting Wikipedia and a Japanese Semantic Lexicon: Lexeed -
[C10-1038]: Sanae Fujita | Masaaki Nagata


Pdf Export Search Enhancing the Japanese WordNet
[W09-3401]: Francis Bond | Hitoshi Isahara | Sanae Fujita | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Takayuki Kuribayashi | Kyoko Kanzaki


Pdf Export Search A Japanese Predicate Argument Structure Analysis using Decision Lists
[D08-1055]: Hirotoshi Taira | Sanae Fujita | Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search MRD-based Word Sense Disambiguation: Further Extending Lesk
[I08-2108]: Timothy Baldwin | Su Nam Kim | Francis Bond | Sanae Fujita | David Martinez | Takaaki Tanaka


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Semantic Information for HPSG Parse Selection
[W07-1204]: Sanae Fujita | Francis Bond | Stephan Oepen | Takaaki Tanaka

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation Incorporating Lexical and Structural Semantic Information
[D07-1050]: Takaaki Tanaka | Francis Bond | Timothy Baldwin | Sanae Fujita | Chikara Hashimoto


Pdf Export Search Multilingual Ontology Acquisition from Multiple MRDs
[W06-0502]: Eric Nichols | Francis Bond | Takaaki Tanaka | Sanae Fujita | Dan Flickinger

Pdf Export Search The Hinoki Sensebank — A Large-Scale Word Sense Tagged Corpus of Japanese —
[W06-0608]: Takaaki Tanaka | Francis Bond | Sanae Fujita

Pdf Export Search An Implemented Description of Japanese: The Lexeed Dictionary and the Hinoki Treebank
[P06-4017]: Sanae Fujita | Takaaki Tanaka | Francis Bond | Hiromi Nakaiwa


Pdf Export Search High Precision Treebanking—Blazing Useful Trees Using POS Information
[P05-1041]: Takaaki Tanaka | Francis Bond | Stephan Oepen | Sanae Fujita


Pdf Export Search Acquiring an Ontology for a Fundamental Vocabulary
[C04-1193]: Francis Bond | Eric Nichols | Sanae Fujita | Takaaki Tanaka

Pdf Export Search The Hinoki Treebank. Working Toward Text Understanding
[W04-1901]: Francis Bond | Sanae Fujita | Chikara Hashimoto | Kaname Kasahara | Shigeko Nariyama | Eric Nichols | Akira Ohtani | Takaaki Tanaka | Shigeaki Amano

Pdf Export Search A Method of Creating New Bilingual Valency Entries using Alternations
[W04-2206]: Sanae Fujita | Francis Bond


Pdf Export Search Extending the Coverage of a Valency Dictionary
[W02-1608]: Sanae Fujita | Francis Bond